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10 Great Undertaker feuds that won't happen now that he has retired

Since The Undertaker has retired, there are many wrestlers on the roster he will never get to feud with, unfortunately.

Top 5 / Top 10 08 Apr 2017, 11:52 IST
The Undertaker
The Undertaker retires at WrestleMania 33

For the entirety of my time as a wrestling fan, the two constants at the top of my favourites list were always Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker. After WrestleMania 33, they are both now done for good, which is something that is kind of hard to process beyond face value.

Even years after HBK's retirement, there are still rumours now and again that he will come back to have matches against folks like AJ Styles and Samoa Joe, although none of them ever turn out to be true.

Nearly a week later after The Undertaker's retirement, the initial shock has worn off and amidst the waves of nostalgia flashbacks and memories of The Deadman's great career, I find myself looking at the current roster and lamenting about the feuds we'll never be able to see.

There is so much talent in WWE at the moment between Raw, SmackDown, the Cruiserweights and NXT that it's hard to swallow The Undertaker is done for good and no more storylines will revolve around his character, nor will we see any classic matches with foes he would have paired fantastically with.

As such, it seems only fitting to talk about what could have been by pointing out several wrestlers The Undertaker could have had an amazing match with, even though it will sadly never happen.

#1 Braun Strowman

Braun Strowman vs Undertaker
The Undertaker faces off with Braun Strowman

This is one of the most obvious ones, isn't it?

The Undertaker spent a good portion of his career acting as the resident giant-killer in WWE, fighting opponents like Kamala, King Kong Bundy, Giant Gonzalez, Kane and The Great Khali. At the moment, there’s no greater giant than Braun Strowman, as the guy is not just the most physically imposing, but even has the proper nicknames to go along with it.

“The Monster Among Men” and “A Mountain of a Man” are exactly the type of things we would have heard in the past about the people who temporarily made The Deadman seem weak until he would rise up against the challenge and put them down, usually at WrestleMania.

Strowman still has a lot to learn, but working with The Undertaker would have helped advance him further in his career much more in such a short amount of time, and The Phenom would have easily been trusted to carry him through any rough patches of their matches together.

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