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10 Greatest WrestleMania storylines in WWE History

Kartik Seth
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Easily the best storyline heading into Mania 35.
Easily the best storyline heading into Mania 35.

WWE storylines during the WrestleMania season, their biggest show of the year, are often head scratching. Take, for example, this year's Mania. While WWE has slowly made a mess out of what could have been the greatest female rivalry in the history of the company, they have also, out of nowhere, recreated another magical underdog story with Kofi Kingston.

Similarly, while booking Kurt Angle in a retirement program with Baron Corbin is a horrific idea, a feud between Randy Orton and AJ Styles focussing on their career paths is a stroke of genius. WWE usually tries to bring out the best product it has to offer during WrestleMania season and this results in some of the most iconic Mania storylines as well.

As WWE moves one step forward in its build to Mania 35, here are the 10 greatest WrestleMania storylines in the history of WWE.

#10 McMahon vs McMahon, Father vs Son (WrestleMania X-Seven)

There is a reason why fans get agitated with every McMahon vs McMahon storyline nowadays, and that is because the organization presented the very best version of it way back in 2001. Back then, it was not just a rivalry over issues like control of Raw and Smackdown, it was about doing the right when everything around you was going the wrong way. It was a war between a Father and a Son. It was Mr. McMahon vs Shane McMahon.

Vince's alleged affair with Trish Stratus and his desire to leave Linda McMahon (who was in a supposed unconscious state till Mania) for Stratus forced Shane to return and defend his mother's honor by challenging his father to a match at Mania. However, the feud took a whole new turn when Shane, from under the nose of his father, bought WCW and gave Vince a new reason to hate him.

The image of Shane McMahon announcing the acquisition of WCW on WWE television while being live on WCW Nitro's final episode is still one of the most iconic images in WWE history. Even though the Invasion storyline that followed this one still invokes mixed opinions from fans, this WrestleMania rivalry is the perfect example of how good the WWE product was back during the Attitude Era.

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