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The 10 most ironic moments in WWE history

Sammy Sheeran
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“Skinny Fat Ass?”

Irony can be a fickle thing and the world of professional wrestling is certainly not safe from it.

Throughout the history of the WWE, there have been many ironic moments; some more so than others. Whether it’s real life or Kayfabe in the shows scripts, ironic moments happen more often than you think.

Here we look at 10 such instances in WWE history.

#10 CM Punk on superstars earning their spot

Punk’s famous pipe bomb

It has been no secret in the past that CM Punk spent several years voicing his irritation at part time or semi-retired stars performing at Wrestlemania and other high profile WWE events, taking up space on the card and causing full time WWE performers to be bumped off it.

To a certain extent this is true. It is kind of a slap in the face to the wrestlers who put so much time into their craft, week after week. Although the drawing power of some of these special attractions can be off the chain, you can only feel bad for those left behind.

Now, Punk is intending to debut for the UFC and once can only assume that he will be participating close to, if not near the top of a UFC card. It is his first official UFC fight and if he does get a good spot on the card (more power to him if he does), he technically will be doing exactly what he said p****d him off in the WWE.

In other words he won’t have earned a top spot on the card, his star power would have bought him one. 

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