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10 of the most amazing counters in WWE history

Counters can be game changers

Top 5 / Top 10 23 Jun 2016, 18:30 IST
Seth was once step ahead of Roman 

One of the best things about watching pro wrestling matches is that if there are two or more people in the ring, there is always chance for them to counter each other. As in, they are in a quest to outsmart one another by getting out of moves, etc. 

If executed well, this brings the storytelling to light. Counters absolutely make the match whether it’s getting out of regular moves or finishers.  Many times, fans will remember the counters the most out of a match.

Whether they’re just spots or moment makers, they are an essential part in the storytelling of a pro wrestling match. They impress you, and display the Superstar’s versatility as a pro wrestler.  There are so many of them we could cover all day long.  For now, we will highlight just a few of some amazing counters in a WWE match.

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