10 Pairs of wrestling Superstars who have a real-life dislike for each other

Shinsuke Nakamu
Shinsuke Nakamura and Brock Lesnar of WWE.

Everyone who buys a wrestling ticket in 2018--with the exception of very young children--likely knows that they are going to see a scripted athletic performance. Even if people get injured for real, it's an accident and not because the wrestlers genuinely hate each other.

Of course, there are exceptions to the rule. Sometimes, as in any other profession, the wrestlers will bump heads with their coworkers and management. While this usually doesn't lead to long-term resentment, occasionally the bad feelings fester over time and turn into real hatred.

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Here are ten pairs of superstar wrestlers who have a genuine beef with each other.

#1 The New Day and Hulk Hogan


By now, you have probably heard about the Gawker video showing Hulk Hogan in an intimate moment with another man's wife. You probably also know about the billion-dollar payout the Hulkster received from that company for showing the video.

And, unfortunately, you probably also know about Hogan's prejudicial speech on that video, in which he repeatedly used the "N" word to describe black people.

Hogan was stricken from the WWE Hall of Fame, but was recently reinstated. It has been all but assured that Hogan will return to WWE television in some capacity, but there are at least three WWE superstars who won't be rolling out the welcome wagon; The New Day.

The three-man group released a statement, in which they clearly said-- we just do not associate with the people who convey or have conveyed this negative and hurtful mindset.

Hogan may return to the WWE, and all signs point toward soon, but he won't be riding between arenas with the New Day. That is, unless -"we see him make a genuine effort to change, then maybe our opinion will change with him."

Looks like the Hulkster has a long way to go to get forgiveness from the New Day.

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