10 Pictures WWE superstars do not want you to see

Taker breaking character
Modified 09 Sep 2016
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We all have stupid moments in our life which haunt us every now and then. Sometimes they make us laugh out loud and sometimes they make us cringe. While the former category gives us a feel-good moment, the latter category reminds us about the level of stupidity that a human could fall into.

As humans, WWE superstars are not immune to such moments.

And this fact is going to serve as the motivation for this list. Wrestlers, who have a dual identity most of the time due to the kayfabe boundaries, are more vulnerable to such pits. In this we will take a look at some of those cringe worthy moments caught on camera.

The Wyatt Family

Wyatt Family

Bray Wyatt has a cult character. During the initial days, the character reminded us of what Undertaker used to do in his early days and it was unlike anything WWE had at that point of time. It was a cryptic character and playing such a character is not easy. You cannot be in character in real life scenarios as well and that is why Bray features in this list.

In the photograph above, he is seen with his family which also includes Bo Dallas. Considering that Bo has an extremely different character from his real-life brother, this is a photograph that Bray wouldn’t want anyone to see. Also, there is an actual happiness in Bray’s face which is something we rarely see when he is in his character.

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Published 10 Apr 2016
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