10 Pictures WWE superstars do not want you to see

Taker breaking character
Renjith Ravindran

We all have stupid moments in our life which haunt us every now and then. Sometimes they make us laugh out loud and sometimes they make us cringe. While the former category gives us a feel-good moment, the latter category reminds us about the level of stupidity that a human could fall into.

As humans, WWE superstars are not immune to such moments.

And this fact is going to serve as the motivation for this list. Wrestlers, who have a dual identity most of the time due to the kayfabe boundaries, are more vulnerable to such pits. In this we will take a look at some of those cringe worthy moments caught on camera.

The Wyatt Family

Wyatt Family

Bray Wyatt has a cult character. During the initial days, the character reminded us of what Undertaker used to do in his early days and it was unlike anything WWE had at that point of time. It was a cryptic character and playing such a character is not easy. You cannot be in character in real life scenarios as well and that is why Bray features in this list.

In the photograph above, he is seen with his family which also includes Bo Dallas. Considering that Bo has an extremely different character from his real-life brother, this is a photograph that Bray wouldn’t want anyone to see. Also, there is an actual happiness in Bray’s face which is something we rarely see when he is in his character.

Braun gets one too

Not so monsterous

Braun Strowman was the latest addition into the Wyatt family. Just like Bray, most of his faction members also have the pressure of keeping up with the kayfabe. Braun is currently being built up a monster heel after his split up from his family. According to WWE’s projection, Braun is a vicious monster who does not have a fun side.

And then, there is this picture of Braun completely out of character. This picture is enough to crash down his scary empire and it is clearly something that he would like to keep hidden in the most secret place possible. On a random note, Braun first appeared on WWE television as a rosebud.

Taker with party animals

Party animal taker

While talking about the Bray Wyatt picture, there was a mention about the Undertaker character. The amount of mystery and aura that surrounded the character was what made it a hit and Taker, to his credit, rarely broke character. However, in this picture, we see a different face of the deadman. He poses alongside John Bradshaw Layfield and Ron Simmons and looks extremely casual.

And also, there is a big smile on Undertaker’s face, something that we don’t see often. The ‘SARA’ tattoo is visible in the picture as well which is one another thing that Taker would not want us to see.

Wild Paige

The kiss of death

Paige is hands down one of the most talented superstars in the roster. She has been wrestling for her whole life and at a tender age of 23, she has achieved a lot that most of her peers haven’t even dreamt of. But there is a wild side to Paige that most of the fans doesn’t know about. She is someone who loves partying with her friends and sometimes, she passes the limit.

This picture was taken during a Halloween party and clearly projects Paige differently than her on-screen character. Paige had earlier admitted about hooking up with another girl so let’s just say that Paige kissing another girl is not a surprising thing after all.

Cena and Nikki in Apple Store

Shopping with Girlfriend be like

Being the franchise player of WWE is never a cake walk. Over the past decade, Cena has played the role perfectly, and he has successfully handled the pressure. However, when it comes to your girlfriend, even John Cena has to wait around for shopping. In this picture, we can see Nikki Bella and John Cena in an Apple Store.

Cena is not usually caught in such scenarios which might be the reason why he does not look impressed. A big star like Cena showing up in an Apple store is a good news for the Apple store guys which is another reason why this picture belongs to this list.

The Wedding

The demonic wedding ceremony

A religious undertone is something that WWE would want to avoid during this PG era. However, WWE has a rich history when it comes to such incidents. One among that is the wedding of Stephanie McMahon and Undertaker. WWE almost crucified Stephanie for the whole segment and it was an over the top segment to say the least.

It was a rip off from the Sandman and Raven segment in ECW and while it caused a lot of outrage when ECW tried it, the wrestling community took it a bit lightly when WWE delivered the same. At the same time, it shows how WWE passed the limits during Attitude Era.

Glorious life of a wrestler

The dark side

The life of professional wrestlers is never easy. You will be on road for 300 days a year and on top of that, there is a huge physical demand involved in the whole procedure. And one argument that the fans bring in to the table during such debates is the fact that wrestlers are famous. Yes, wrestlers are famous but that does not mean every wrestler out there sleeps on a bed of cash.

This picture showing Virgil explains the bad side of a professional wrestler. It is a sad and eye opening picture at the same time and reminds us that life kicks us hard once the glory days are over.

Mugshot of the new face

The Reigns mugshot

Roman Reigns is being built up as the new face of WWE. The fans might not be digesting this fact but WWE is indeed going ahead with the same. WrestleMania 32 will go down as a big turning point in the life of Reigns and if things go as WWE plans, he will easily rise into the level of stardom that Cena manage to reach over the years.

This photo meanwhile is something that WWE wouldn’t want us to see. It is a mug shot of the current champion and though the arrest of Reigns has not been officially confirmed by Reigns, the rumor is still a relevant one especially now that he is the reigning champion.

Breaking character

Stars of Attitude Era

The Attitude Era is still one of the most sort out time frames in wrestling history. It played host to the birth, rise and prime of some of the big names like Steve Austin, Triple H and much more and seeing them all together in a picture is heartwarming. And if they are out of character in such a picture, then it fits perfectly into the list.

In the above picture, we can see some big names that are apparently busy partying. Seeing the likes of Shawn Michaels and Undertaker back in the good old days makes it special and there should be a special mention for Paul Bearer who has a gold face on for the picture.

The tribute to Chris Benoit

The tribute

WWE wants us to forget everything associated with Chris Benoit. Benoit might’ve been a great worker and a respected figure in the wrestling business, but unfortunately due to the murder-suicide tragedy, WWE has buried the fact that Chris Benoit even existed. In the time frame between Benoit’s death and the actual revelation of the truth, WWE produced a tribute show for the former WWE heavyweight champion.

Vince McMahon himself addressed the crowd on the show and the picture of Vince doing so with Benoit’s picture in the background tells a big story. Vince wouldn’t want to revisit this moment, no matter what.

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