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10 Promising WWE Storylines that went downhill

“What if” is probably the most recurring phrase in the professional wrestling.

Top 5 / Top 10 25 May 2015, 12:56 IST

“What if” is probably the most recurring phrase in the professional wrestling. The way in which the entire landscape can change with one event is the beauty of being a wrestling fan and there have been a lot of such situations throughout the time line.

The problem with this sensitivity is: anything can happen. Things with high potential might end up getting blown up to pieces irrespective of whether it is a career or a storyline. The latter category is the highlight of the list here as you would have guessed already so here is a look at some of those storylines that should have been epic but ended up being a mess.

Lesnar’s return

Brock Lesnar’s return should have been a big deal

The beast incarnated took a long break from the WWE back in 2004. Lesnar was a big star when he left the company and he came back as an even bigger one in 2012. Lesnar’s returning storyline had a lot of potential in it and when WWE paired him up with John Cena, it looked like Lesnar was going to be the new face of WWE.

However, WWE somehow figured out that it was better for Cena to win a match against Lesnar rather than letting the Beast go over as a monster heel. It certainly took a big toll on his credibility and if it wasn’t for the Streak, Lesnar would have still been struggling as an aftereffect.

Vince McMahon’s death

Vince McMahon had some big plans for his death

This story did not actually go downhill; it was cancelled due to the eventual death of Chris Benoit. Although a kayfabe death sounded a bit ridiculous, it would have been interesting to see how WWE unfolded this mystery.

There were some endless possibilities to this and from the looks of it, WWE was going to treat things as though it was a real death scenario. Sadly for them, whatever Vince had in his wicked mind never came out into the television and it was never picked up again as well. With the PG era in place now, the chances of WWE using it again are pretty low as well.

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