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10 Superstars we never thought would work for WWE

David Cullen
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They always say that anything can happen in WWE, and you know what... They might actually be true.

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WWE is the biggest wrestling and sports entertainment company in history and always will be. Despite this, it doesn't mean they can always have every big or notable name in wrestling work for them. Once upon a time, everyone wanted to work for WWE, with one of the big reasons being it was the biggest and best way for publicity and paychecks, especially when WCW went out of business.

Over the past few years, however, wrestling has become cool for everyone again, and a vast majority of independent wrestling company's all over the world are doing great business. Other wrestling company's like New Japan Pro Wrestling and Ring of Honor are also doing so well that they are paying performers very handsome salaries, and with the benefit of still being able to work the Indy scene, many performers are making enough money to never need to wrestle for WWE.

So whether it be because of thriving business for every wrestling company during the Monday Night War, or the booming independent scene today, there are some names both in wrestling and other forms of the business who we never thought wanted or needed WWE. Yet anything being able to happen in WWE would eventually bring them to Vince McMahon.

These are ten superstars who we never thought we would see in WWE.

#10 Goldberg

WWE was Next!

Bill Goldberg was the biggest and hottest superstar in WCW from the moment he defeated Hulk Hogan for the WCW Championship on July 6, 1998, until WCW went out of business in 2001.

And with being WCW's hottest star comes some pretty big paychecks, and by the time WCW held their final episode of Nitro, Goldberg had been WCW's highest paid performer for over a year. Post-WCW, for at least over a year, Goldberg showed no interest in wrestling full-time, or for WWE.


He had enough money from WCW to never work again and had options in television and film. In early 2003, Goldberg finally met with WWE, and they eventually agreed on a contract during the WrestleMania XIX weekend, and Goldberg debuted on the following RAW.

Goldberg has since said in numerous interviews that the main reason he joined WWE in 2003 was because of his fans clamouring to see him back in action.

Goldberg wasn't thrilled with his first run with WWE and swore never to work with Vince McMahon again.

He would amazingly return to WWE in 2016, over 12 years since his last match at WrestleMania 20 in 2004.

He has since said he returned because it felt right mentally, as well as for similar reasons as before and for his son to see him compete.

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