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10 Superstars who never reached their full potential

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In wrestling, there are a number of Superstars who come in looking like they can and will steal the show. You look at them and you know that they can be the next big thing in wrestling and steal the show in a storm.

Wrestling is a sport of moments, however. One bad move and your entire career can end prematurely, without you living up to the obvious potential that you had. Be it injuries, drugs, bad booking by the promotion, or simply bad life choices, there is no limit to the things that can bring a halt to an otherwise starry career.

In this list, we will talk about those wrestlers who look like they will never wrestle again without serious risk of harming themselves, and their legacy will forever remain a little emptier and incomplete than anyone had thought it would.

#10 Edge


The Rated-R Superstar, Edge, was one of the wrestlers who took it upon himself to pioneer tag team matches, by taking things to another level, something that has not really been reached since then.

Anyone who was witness to the days, when he teamed up with Christian to take on the Hardy Boyz and the Dudley Boyz in tag team Extreme Stipulation matches, will testify that all six of the men took extreme risks and sacrificed their bodies to put on the best show possible.

Their two Triple Threat Tables Ladders and Chairs Tag Team matches set a bar that has not really been met till this day. In one particularly memorable bump, Edge speared a Jeff Hardy who was dangling in mid-air holding onto the titles from another ladder. They both fell the twenty feet to the ground, but somehow were able to escape injuries.

It was a ladder match, however, that caused the injury that would go on to end Edge’s career, as during a Ladder match with Eddie Guerrero on SmackDown Edge fell, and heard a crack in his neck. He would complete the match, but that would be the injury that brought his career to a hasty end.

He would go on to wrestle for many more years, winning Championships, but he had to retire early. In a speech that is one of the saddest in wrestling history, he announced that his injuries were such that he might die or be paralyzed if one move went badly. Retiring at age 37, he had many more years of wrestling ahead of him, which were stolen because of the injury.

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