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10 things from 2016 WWE wants you to forget

WWE wants these memories to be forever deleted!

Sasha getting busted open is definitely not something WWE wants you to remember

2016 has been full of forgettable moments from WWE, with weak storylines, pointless feuds and generally lacklustre booking. In addition to this, WWE also has a list of memorable and not so memorable moments that it wants you to forget.

We bring you 10 such incidents in this countdown. If you cannot forget them, please contact Matt Hardy for a session in Deletion.

#10 Sasha Banks gets busted open

Even this historic match has a shocking finale

Bleeding and blading are not permitted in 2016 unless you’re Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton, of course. Charlotte and Sasha Banks made history in a brilliant 30-minute long Iron Man match where they told a great story in the ring, with their moves.

However, in the closing minutes of the match, Sasha Banks got busted open and started bleeding when Charlotte’s foot hit her face. It lent a dramatic touch to the match of course, but hey, definitely not cool in WWE’s eyes! Pictures of the match on the site were made black and white to not showcase the damage. Spoilsports!

#9 Titus O’Neil gets suspended for a hug

Hey, it’s alright for Bayley!

During the very emotional Daniel Bryan retirement segment, the chairman of the board himself, Vince McMahon came down to the ring and bid farewell to the star. As he was walking back, Titus O’Neil grabbed his arm and pulled him into a hug.

This was presumably to let Stephanie McMahon pass through first, as she is a lady. Well, Titus, you do not mess with Vinnie Mac. He was suspended soon enough, and got more publicity from this than he has through all his matches! Hilarious.

#8 Team Raw gets booed on Raw

This definitely speaks volumes about Smackdown Live’s booking!

The week before Survivor Series, where Raw and Smackdown were supposed to face off, Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan had been invited to Raw, where they were ambushed by Team Raw. Thankfully, they got back up along and were confronted by Team SmackDown Live.

In the altercation, fans on Raw began to boo Team Raw! SmackDown, led by a heel champion, were babyfaces in this face off. Definitely embarrassing for Raw’s creative team!

#7 False Promises from The Undertaker

The Dead Man’s threats were in vain

The 900th episode of SmackDown Live was truly explosive in every single way. There was the return of Edge, and that of The Undertaker as well! The Undertaker promised that he was back to ‘take souls and dig holes’.

He also mentioned that Wrestlemania would no longer define him and that he was back for good. Great promo. However, none of what he said was true. The Undertaker does not seem to be returning for anything until Wrestlemania if rumours are to be believed.

If he had really been back for good, maybe Ellsworth wouldn’t have been in the main event, week after week!

#6 Vince McMahon drops an F-Bomb

The Boss got a little carried away, during a promo

The return of Shane McMahon was big news indeed. He came back during a segment of Raw, confronting his father and sister and requesting control of Monday Night Raw, the flagship brand of World Wrestling Entertainment.

Sounds perfect so far. The audience was so worked up, that McMahon Senior got a little carried away during the course of the show. During the segment, Vince McMahon would tell his son that he would get an ‘effing’ beating. This was later edited out, but still remains a shocking episode for everyone watching.

#5 New Gay

‘They’re brothers because they love each other’

The Von Erichs have had a tragic story. Five of the six children of Fritz Von Erich had perished before he did. Kevin Von Erich, the last remaining soldier was present when the Fabulous Freebirds were inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, this year.

Unfortunately, he made a truly epic botch. Von Erich referred to The New Day, as New Gay, speaking about love and adding that they’re brothers because they love each other, making the segment way more awkward than really it needed to be. A hilarious botch, that WWE doesn't want remembered.

#4 Titus O’Neil kisses his son 

Okay, this is really awkward indeed

Has Titus O’Neil ever appeared twice on any list before? Looks like he enjoys kisses just as much as he enjoys hugs. At Money In the Bank, Titus O’Neil faced Rusev for the United States Championship.

While the match was immensely forgettable, this was not. Before the match, Titus planted a kiss on his son’s lips. Hey, people express their love in different ways. We are not saying anything!

#3 Delete chants on Raw

TNA stars are sometimes more over than WWE’s homegrown superstars

There have been several instances of ‘delete’ chants on Raw or pay-per-view. Recently, at the Roadblock pay-per-view, Mick Foley was immersed in ‘Delete’ chants during the Sami Zayn vs. Braun Strowman match.

The Dudleys too had been the victims of ‘Delete’ chants, during their farewell speech when they mentioned the Hardy Boyz. Most notably, Seth Rollins once dropped the word ‘obsolete’ during a promo, and the crowd started going ‘Delete! Delete! Delete!’ Poor Seth Rollins. 

#2 New Day take a dig at Charlotte Flair

Their comic timing wasn’t appreciated by Vince 

Sasha Banks and Charlotte have been going back and forth with the Women’s Championship on Raw. While they’ve been creating history, New Day couldn't resist taking a jab at Charlotte when they lost their tag team championships.

Kofi Kingston came out to ringside and said there’s no time to mourn the loss because Ric Flair couldn’t have become 16-time Champion, without losing the belt 15 times. Big E slipped in a snarky comment saying, ‘that’ll be Charlotte in a month’, referring to her dropping the title and winning it back regularly. Definitely not something WWE wants you to remember. 

#1 Goldberg slips and falls

Goldberg botched his big comeback

Goldberg’s return made waves, and the promo he cut upon his return was spine-chilling indeed. However, in his next appearance, Goldberg was confronted by Rusev and things didn’t exactly go according to plan.

When taking the offensive, Goldberg slipped and fell, in front of a packed arena. Later, he would blame it all on ring rust. Unfortunately, this botched moment cannot be erased from our memories. Even though Vince McMahon did delete it from the official WWE video.

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