10-time WWE Champion to illegally invade RAW with a violent attack? Potential angle for Clash at the Castle explored

WWE RAW superstars are preparing for the next Premium Live Event, Clash at the Castle (Photo credit: WWE.com)
WWE RAW Superstars are preparing for the next premium live event, Clash at the Castle (Photo credit: WWE.com)

Randy Orton lost to Gunther in the final of the WWE King of the Ring tournament and missed the opportunity to add another accomplishment to his illustrious career. The match ended in a controversial manner, as it appeared that both The Viper's shoulders was not down during the pinfall that decided the match.

With that in mind, fans should expect Randy Orton to start a feud with the new King of the Ring, but it is unclear when this will happen. It could take place as early as this Monday on WWE RAW, when Gunther will be on the show to celebrate his victory.

Randy Orton comes to WWE RAW to go after Gunther


The WWE Universe wouldn't be surprised should one see the 10-time WWE Champion come to RAW this Monday to confront Gunther and continue the feud with him. Even though he is on the SmackDown roster, he could invade RAW to go after the new King of the Ring.

In such a scenario, fans could expect him to wreck havoc and assault superstars in the ring and backstage until he gets a rematch, which could take place as early as Clash at the Castle in mid-June.

Randy Orton could sell his injuries from the KOTR match against Gunther to extend the feud


Even though Randy Orton could pursue Gunther and continue his feud with him as early as this Monday on RAW, this would not be possible if The Viper needs to take some time off to recover from injuries he suffered during the match in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

At the same time, this will ensure that Orton will have the chance to extend the feud and set the stage for a rematch that could happen in one of the summer's PLES, like Summerslam or Money in the Bank.

Triple H teased a rematch between Gunther and Randy Orton in the future

WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H opened up about the controversy that surrounded the ending of the match between Gunther and Randy Orton, making it clear that the 10-time WWE Champion deserved a rematch and he should get it in the future. He also mentioned that Gunther wasn't the one who would walk away from a fight and would accept the rematch option.

Hunter's statement could be a sign that the creative team wants to continue this storyline and for this to happen, Orton can expected to show up on the red brand soon.

"Randy Orton deserves to have another shot at that and I think Gunther will want to have another shot at that to take the controversy out, to take the asterisk off the page where it says King of The Ring," Triple H said on Saturday (H/T - SEScoops).

With that in mind, fans can assume there is a good chance that Randy Orton will appear on RAW to confront Gunther, and tease a rematch as early as the Clash at the Castle.

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