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10 Greatest world title celebrations in WWE history

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Published 05 Aug 2018, 04:59 IST
05 Aug 2018, 04:59 IST

WWE has witnessed several memorable title-winning celebrations
WWE has witnessed several memorable title-winning celebrations

Pro wrestling, at its very core, is a business/sport characterized by a myriad of fantastic moments.

Speaking of which, seldom is an occasion more memorable for a professional wrestling performer, than the milestone of winning a major world title in the sport. Whether it's his very first or his 17th title, title-wins serve towards establishing a wrestler's livelihood.

In fact, in the modern homogenized wrestling market, WWE buffs will tune-in in droves to witness the awe-inducing performances of the company's biggest stars--most of which end with the top Superstars holding up the shiny title belt.

After all, gold is what we're all after, aren't we?

The WWE Championship has always been a fixture at such moments, right since this game's commencement.

Though we, as fans, may not have consistently treated the title victors with the best showings of respect and admiration, particularly in the PG era--it's indeed hard to find something more enthralling than the huge, cathartic moment when a wrestler overcomes the odds, and carries home the richest prize in pro-wrestling--a WWE World title.

That really is what the WWE Superstars invest their lives fighting for. When they get to the very best, it truly is validation for the blood, sweat and tears they've shed to arrive there.

Together with great successes, come great parties!

Massive triumphs always prompt a memorable display of emotions, and also perhaps the wrestler's aim is to share their moment with the fans.


So, without further ado, here are the 10 top world title parties in WWE history--

#10 Seth Rollins RAW (24th August, 2015)

This RAW episode was highlighted by Sting holding the dais proudly, and Seth Rollins scurrying away to safety. Things did not work out the way Rollins had intended.

The segment started with Rollins and The Authority in the ring waiting to unveil his statue--when the drum-roll cued and the curtain was hauled off. But alas...It was not a statue which was introduced--it was Sting!

"The Icon" ambushed Rollins and put him out with a Stinger Splash, sending The Authority scampering off on what should have been Rollins' huge night. Although the party ended in embarrassment for WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins, this was a hugely satisfying moment for the WWE Universe.

The idea to have a statue was grandiose, over-the-top, and made solely to display the winner's self-admiration and rile up the fans. Though the actual statue would finally be unveiled the following week, Sting rescued the WWE Universe from the ordeal of having to sit through Rollins' self-indulgence.

Nevertheless, the celebration was topped off with the exclamation point of Sting stealing the show from Rollins on RAW.

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