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10 Worst WWE feuds of 2018

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A nightmare without end.
A nightmare without end.

2018 wasn't a good year for feuds in WWE. Only two managed to make themselves classics that will be remembered for years to come. The rest of the best were in "good, but not great" territory. Unfortunately, this trend would make itself felt in the other feuds, too, and this year served up a lot of bad ones.

The purpose of any feud should be first to enthrall an audience and second, to raise the status of both competitors. The winner should get a boost, while the loser should have a powerful story told in the defeat so that he or she doesn't look too bad and everyone wonders what await him/her.

These feuds didn't do any of that. Whether it was through a bad follow up or a course of events that was badly told to the point that we awaited relief, these feuds gave nothing to anyone.

#10 Alexa Bliss vs. Nia Jax

They should have known.
They should have known.

This actually didn't start out too badly. Alexa Bliss did some good work in manipulating Nia Jax so that she could avoid threats like Asuka. Her backstage "hot mic" segment with Mickie James, which revealed her true feelings about her "best friend," was a hit.

However, I knew that lurking behind this story was two performers with notable limitations, ones which would show themselves before the feud was over. Show themselves they did.

The first match at WrestleMania 34 wasn't quite the train wreck I expected, but things would go downhill from there once Jax won the championship. Her limitations soon came to the surface. The second match at Backlash was a dud, which was followed up with one of the worst promos in history.

WWE then decided to make that promo meaningless by turning Jax into a bully all the while Bliss accused her of being one week after week. The heel would ultimately go on to be proven right at Money in the Bank. We got one final match at Extreme Rules (thanks to the now mercifully killed rematch clause), and it was a dud, too, the initial heat that built this feud long forgotten by then. Jax ends 2018 in, at best, the same spot that she was in at the start, so this feud turned out to be pointless.

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