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10 WWE Superstars and their Game of Thrones counterparts

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Then, now and forever (almost)
Then, now and forever (almost)

One of my favorite wrestlers of all time, Kane, once said that “There’s no drama like wrestling.”

Earlier this week, when I heard Michael Cole say 'RAW is the longest-running weekly show in television history', I couldn't help but compare it to its counterparts. Year after year, new shows were introduced but they are from being as consistent as the Monday Night RAW.

The WWE creatives receive backlash when the product doesn't go according to the expectations of the masses. But, the fact remains that the writing is the true hero behind the commendable run of the red brand.

This led me to think about Game of Thrones (the last series I binged watched) and witnessed the amount of criticism it received in the last season. The creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss were subjected to the most brutal reviews from across the globe.

Yet, GOT remains one of the most popular series, courtesy of the characters. Irrespective of the ending, the writing helped immortalize the heroes and villains -- something that WWE has mastered over decades.

Thus, here are a few WWE Superstars and their GOT counterparts based on their characterization.

Note-- For the sake of everyone's sanity, please don't take the relations between GOT characters into consideration.

#10 Kevin Owens -- Tyrion Lannister

"I drink and I know things..."

Every once in a while, we are introduced to a character that forces you to get behind them, irrespective of their story.


Throughout the eight-season long run of Game of Thrones, Tyrion Lannister was probably one of the only characters who had almost everyone on his side. He knew when to engage in combat and when to rely on mind games.

Kevin Owens is no different. His impressive in-ring skills are well complemented by his ridiculously good mic work. He works the crowd like none other and ensures a good reaction every time the spotlight is on him. Even as a heel, KO is far from being a 'hated' character on the main roster.

Both Tyrion and KO can bury their opponents in a war of words. Similar to Tyrion's witty chats throughout the show, KO is responsible behind some of the best WWE segments via his talk show.

And most importantly, both have punched an entitled prince in the hour of need.

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