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10 WWE Superstars that could be U.S. Presidential Candidates

Americas alternative to the stress and trash we call election season.

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All eyes are on the United States of America as the 2016 presidential election is quickly approaching. With Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as the two remaining candidates, the whole process has turned into a complete circus. We have two people who constantly talk about how they're great and the other person is a complete moron.

Honestly, it's become similar to a professional wrestling storyline. All we need is a beer-bellied promoter and a smoke-filled bingo hall. 

Have you ever seen a WWE Superstar and thought to yourself, "hey, that person could be president of the United States!"? Of course not. That's completely ridiculous, right? Well, we at Sportskeeda have decided to have a little fun with all of this election year stress.

We've come up with ten superstars of yesterday and today, that we could see as presidential candidates, in some goofy way or another. For a little bonus, we are adding a vice presidential candidate for each one as well. Here's our list of the 10 WWE Superstars who could be the United States presidential candidates. 

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