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10 WWE Superstars who will have a World Title match in 2017

Will any of these Superstars hold the gold, red and white?

Top 5 / Top 10 07 Mar 2017, 00:36 IST
The WWE Championship is one of four main world titles up for grabs on the main roster

Challenging for the World Championship in any kind of sport is a big deal. Whether you were expected to reach that stage or you came in as the underdog, everyone earns their right to perform at the highest level and that's what makes competition so great. In the WWE, however, things are a little bit different what with everything being pre-determined.

But that doesn't mean they don't deserve it just as much as those who compete for real. After all, a lot of Superstars both male and female scratch and claw their way to the top after years and years of hard work and dedication. Because of this, we thought it'd be fun to try and figure out which top level guys and girls will ascend to the dizzy heights of a World Title opportunity in 2017.

Obviously, we're trying to be a little bit more out there with some of these suggestions, which is why the likes of Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins won't appear. A few of these Superstars have had shots at the gold before and others haven't, but one way or another they've been undervalued at some point during their career and they deserve a chance at glory.

With that being said, here are 10 WWE Superstars who will have a World Title match in 2017.

#10 Paige

Come on WWE, just forgive her already

Yes, we know - Paige has barely been seen on WWE television in months due to a delightful cocktail of suspensions and injuries. Despite this, she's still one of the most valuable female wrestlers that the company has at their disposal and she deserves to have at least one more extended run at the top of the card. Hell, she can work either babyface or heel with relative ease too.

One way they could put the belt on her is by replicating her debut from the night after WrestleMania 30, although that may feel a tad played out. Either way whatever they come up with it's likely to be great, and Paige is guaranteed to get a big reaction considering how long it's been since anyone has seen her. Please, oh please put your differences with her aside Vince.

Didn't you hear? This next challenger isn't like most girls.

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