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10 WWE Superstars who've not aged terribly

Riju Dasgupta
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Trish Stratus is still gorgeous at 40

Whether one admits it or not, there’s much more to pro wrestling than just in-ring and promo skills. The aesthetic aspect, ie. looking the part is just as important as putting on a great match or cutting a promo that lasts the test of time.

While some workers show the scars and ravages of time on their being (read: Scott Hall), there are others who are still in amazing shape, long after their prime. Let’s look at some wrestlers who’ve aged like fine wine.

10. DDP 

Even at the age of 60, DDP is in fine shape

You cannot think of this man, and not think of the many men he's helped with his yoga course and regime. Little wonder then, that even at the age of 60, DDP looks absolutely great, and is helping WWE superstars, past and present, stay in shape.

In many ways, Page saved the lives of Jake ‘the Snake’ Roberts and Scott Hall. Page even participated in this year’s Andre The Giant Memorial Battle-Royal, a testament to how durable he is. 

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