10 WWE Superstars with serious mental disorders

Mauro Ranallo has been battling depression since the past few weeks
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Modified 10 Apr 2017
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Wrestling isn’t all about glory and highfalutin paycheques. There are a lot of hazards along the way, some of them manifesting during the course of the career, while some lay dormant only to prop up once the show is over.

There have been wrestlers who’ve have had serious mental issues; some born with it, some having imbibed it courtesy alcoholism and drug abuse. Here are 10 Superstars with serious mental disorders:

#10 Bret Hart

Bret Hart has suffered throughout life

Bret Hart’s life has been far from easy and the dramatic events that plagued his life ultimately propelled a serious bout of depression. The thing that triggered it was (you guessed it), The Montreal Screwjob.

After being handed a loss at the behest of the Vincent Kennedy McMahon against The Heartbreak Kid, Bret Hart’s life plummeted into the doldrums.

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He lost his brother, Owen, at Over the Edge 1999 and both his parents subsequently passed away in a span of two years. All of this coagulated into crippling depression and Bret Hart found it difficult to cope with it.

He even suffered a stroke in 2002, adding further misery to his already abysmal life story.

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Published 10 Apr 2017
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