Pro Wrestling Real Life Stories: Episode 2 - Chris Jericho, Goldberg, Booker T and what really happened backstage on RAW

Here's a detailed account of what really happened between Bill Goldberg and Chris Jericho
David Marquez

We, as fans of professional wrestling, are currently in an era that is pretty open when it comes to the wrestlers or performers (as most sports-entertainment fans love to call them), being relatively outspoken about the predetermined nature of the matches' results. Nevertheless, while the sport may be largely scripted, the physical element continues to undoubtedly persist as an undeniable part of pro-wrestling.

The wrestlers we see execute gravity-defying, oft-risky moves inside the squared-circle on a regular basis nonetheless, are generally incredible athletes. With that in mind, it wouldn't come as a surprise to many that should a 'real fight' or a 'shoot' break out in the ring, backstage or in any given confrontation, most wrestlers are more than capable of holding their own--be it against their fellow performers or against non-wrestlers.

The pro-wrestling business is rife with stories of real-life backstage scuffles between the wrestlers, and perhaps one of the most famous incidents of the sort, is that of a rumored backstage fight between Chris Jericho and Goldberg. Now, while the internet is replete with hearsay about the Jericho-Goldberg shoot fight, we have compiled anecdotes from several notable performers who were associated with WWE at the time of the incident, and who've since addressed the incident--providing details on what really happened...

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#11 The fans

The fight spilled out from the locker room right in front of the fans
The fight spilled out from the locker room right in front of the fans

Well, this may very well be one of the most misunderstood aspects of the Jericho-Goldberg incident. In several out-of-character interviews Chris Jericho has put forth over the past few years, he's given the general public his honest perspective on the story.

Jericho and Goldberg got into a scuffle backstage at a taping of Monday Night RAW back in 2003. Several former WWE personalities including Jericho himself have confirmed that the scuffle took place on Goldberg's "second day at work" which would imply the April 7th, 2003 tapings of RAW.


Addressing the infamous fight on his podcast Talk Is Jericho, Chris revealed a sequence during their fight, which saw both him and Goldberg bust through the doors of the locker room, right into the area where a certain section of fans could see them.

Jericho alluded that although they caught the attention of the fans, the other wrestlers as well as the backstage officials pulled them back into the locker room area away from the fans...In other words, most people outside the locker room don't exactly know what truly happened backstage, apart from the brief glimpse a few fans caught of them when they charged through the doors...

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