11 WWE records that may never be broken

The Deadman is synonymous with WrestleMania.
The Deadman is synonymous with WrestleMania.
Modified 03 May 2021
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Every sport has records and record holders that add to its mystique. What would baseball be without the all-time home run record? Many would like to see Barry Bonds' tainted total of 762 get broken. In tennis, Roger Federer has won the most men's Grand Slam singles titles, with 20, but it's feasible that longtime rivals Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic could break that total, making for a thrilling, high-stakes race. WWE has several records like this.

Adding even more to the mystique of a sport are those records which appear unbreakable. Cy Young's record of 511 wins will never be broken because of the way baseball has changed. Nolan Ryan's strikeout total of 5,714 was accumulated over a 27 year career and as a result, will likely never be broken, but it's fun to think about the chase.

WWE has several records like this, also, and we'll now take a look at them. We'll begin in the most appropriate place, with championship records.

Longest title reign: Bruno Sammartino - 2,803 days

Then, now, forever.
Then, now, forever.

We can also add the most cumulative days as champion to this section, with Bruno Sammartino amassing a total of 4,040 days as WWE Champion over two reigns.

Nobody is touching either of these records. In fact, nobody is going to come close. Even Hulk Hogan, who at the height of Hulkamania reigned as WWE Champion for four years, was still more than 1,000 days behind, and at the close of his career was close to 2,000 days behind Bruno Sammartino's combined total of days as champion.

Hulkamania itself started before the drastic changes in the business and how it distributes content - first over pay per view, then over cable, and now over the internet. There will never be a title reign like Hogan's, let alone Bruno Sammartino's, again. The ubiquity of the content guarantees that. Can you imagine a seven-year title reign in this era of overexposure?

Bruno was the original strongman who dominated the wrestling world earning a legacy like no other. He was inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame in 2013.

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Published 03 May 2021
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