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20 WWE Divas without makeup

You'll be shocked at how these WWE female Superstars look without makeup!

Charlotte without makeup and with a black eye!

In addition to the ring gear, makeup forms an integral component of making a Superstar look like a Superstar, especially in the WWE women’s roster.

Today, we peel past the makeup and show you these women in a different light. You’ll be amazed at how much of a difference makeup can really make. Here are 25 WWE divas without makeup on, like you’ve never seen them before.

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PS: In each case, we’ve showcased them in their full get-up before showing you what they look like without any makeup on.

#20 Alexa Bliss

This is what Bliss looks like with makeup on

The Wicked Witch of WWE is gorgeous with or without makeup. With her diminutive figure and perfectly chiselled body, Bliss is the perfect package in her WWE avatar. Here's a picture from her Instagram page with no makeup on. Still pretty stunning!

And without..

#19 Bayley

Bayley does not look too markedly different without makeup!

Bayley does not wear too much makeup, and as a result, her makeup-less picture is just as cute as she usually is. Unlike most of the other girls in the lineup, the difference isn’t too noticeable in her case. We love you girl, with or without makeup on!

#18 Lita

How does this WWE legend look like without makeup on?

One look at Lita and you know that she looks absolutely stunning for her age. Few have the grace and charisma she has, even today. Then, you see the picture below and do a double take.

We’re not saying she doesn’t look good, but let’s just say we understand how important makeup is, after seeing this picture. 

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