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2012 Superstar Power Ranking: #70-61

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860   //    29 Dec 2012, 13:17 IST

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#70. Derrick Bateman
Win/Loss Record: 5-0-13

Most of Derrick Bateman’s 2012 WWE career has already been explained in Johnny Curtis’ section. Curtis and Maxine were getting married, Bateman would hook up with Kaitlyn, etc. It was when NXT Redemption was cancelled that Derrick Bateman fell of the face of the planet. He’s managed to appear on Smackdown to lose to Brodus Clay and Ryback in quick fashion, but everything seems to be pointing to the new “Mr. America” getting released in 2013.

#69. Richie Steamboat

Win/Loss Record: 5-0-4

No, that doesn’t say “Ricky Steamboat”. Richie Steamboat is one of NXT’s top prospects, and on top of the talent and look, being the son of one of the greatest Superstars of all time helps a little bit too. Richie Steamboat was introduced to most of the world when he debuted on NXT in a winning effort against Rick Victor. Not long after, Steamboat was inserted into the Gold Rush Tournament to crown the first ever NXT Champion. Unfortunately, Steamboat was eliminated by Jinder Mahal, but he would continue to be a continuos presence on NXT after starting a feud with the former Chris Hero, Kassius Ohno. Steamboat would go on to defeat Ohno twice (once via DQ), but Ohno would be relentless in post-match assaults on Richie. Steamboat would eventually be injured by Kassius, but would return and defeat him to end their feud.


#68. Hornswoggle
Win/Loss Record: 5-0-1

You know something’s wrong when Hornswoggle is this high on the list. I should let you know now, that this list is not something of opinion. These rankings are based on win/loss records, quality of matches, PPV matches, exposure, etc. And unfortunately, ‘Swoggle has a lot of exposure and a good win/loss record. Do you think I enjoy putting this man above Undertaker? No. But WWE forced by hand.

#67. Corey Graves & John Laurinaitis
Win/Loss Record: 4-0-0 (Graves), 1-1-2 (Laurinaitis)

Corey Graves in another one of NXT’s top prospects. He has a distinctive look, some decent in-ring skills, and a lot of charisma. Laurinaits, as we all now, was the main power on WWE for the first third of the year. Laurinaitis started off the year feuding with CM Punk, where Dolph Ziggler pretty much acted as a stand-in opponent for him at the Royal Rumble. Laurinaitis would eventually find himself acting as the GM for Raw and Smackdown after his team scored a victory over Team Teddy at WrestleMania, but the power-role would be short lived, as John Cena would being to feud with Laurinaits (which resulted in two terrible matches), ending in Johnny Ace being fired after Cena defeated the Big Show in a terrible cage match. Johnny Ace has since returned to a backstage role, working as a road agent. But expect to see the Senior Vice President of Talent Relations on your TV very soon…

#66. Michael Cole
Win/Loss Record: 0-0-3

Although it may have happened under the radar, Michael Cole has actually become a face announcer. After Lawler’s heart attack, Cole turned into what he was supposed to be. A play-by-play announcer, instead of the angry, distracting guy he used to be. But Michael Cole is here because of what he’s done as a heel. I apologize in advance for reminding you of these matches. Michael Cole competed in his first match of 2012 by being a “surprise” participant in the Royal Rumble, where he was eliminated by Kharma. Cole would later face Cena on Raw in what was probably the worst match in the history of anything. It involved Cole being lathered in BBQ sauce. Cole would also face Lawler in a WrestleMania rematch, but would lose. The decision would actually be reversed, but that doesn’t really count as a win, does it?


65. Jesse James & Mick Foley
Win/Loss Record: 0-0-1

Mick Foley has been quite a presence on WWE in 2012. Whether it was his multiple guest appearances, his captaining of Team Foley at Survivor Series, or his mini-feud with CM Punk, or his participation in the Royal Rumble, Foley looks like he’s going to be a bigger part of the WWE in 2013. Road Dogg Jesse James is in the same boat as Foley. He appeared in the Royal Rumble, and has frequented Raw in 2012. Hope we get to see more of these two in 2013.


64. Ted DiBiase
Win/Loss Record: 6-0-9

Ted DiBiase was supposed to be the Michaels of Legacy. Instead, he turned out to be the Jannety. DiBiase has done absolutely nothing in 2012. He started something called a DiBiase Posse, which I’m almost certain no-one wants to be a part of, and he got injured a house show in Winnipeg early in the year. In fact, I was actually at the house show he got injured at. Do you know how many people in the audience cared when he hurt himself? 0. And it is is noway the fault of DiBiase. He is a great talent. It is the fault of WWE who stick him in the stupidest storylines, give him the worst gimmicks, and pretty much make him job to everyone. Good one WWE.

#63. Trent Barreta
Win/Loss Record: 6-0-6

Trent Barreta is by far the most misused Superstar on the roster right now. Do you know why? Because they don’t even use him! Look at his win/loss record. That’s 12 matches. That’s one match a month. There are some guys like Sheamus and Ziggler who compete in an average of two matches a WEEK.

#62. Kenneth Cameron
Win/Loss Record: 6-0-3

Kenneth Cameron was a part of the Ascension, a team that was considered to be the possible savior of the tag team division. Noticed how I used the word “was”? That’s because Kenneth Cameron was released after his assaulted a police officer while drunk. Good one, Cameron.

#61. Jim Duggan
Win/Loss Record: 1-0-3

Jim Duggan is probably the most active WWE Legend. Everytime there’s a themed Smackdown, Jim Duggan seems to be the go-to-guy they have team with Santino Marella. Anyways, Duggan has been around a lot this year, mostly in a losing effort. Expect to see him at every themed SuperSmackdown live in 2013.

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