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2012 Superstar Power Ranking: #94-81

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2012 is over, and what a year it’s been. We’ve seen face turns, heel turns, big returns, big departures, and some damn good matches. But this ranking is not to tell you the great matches, feuds, and PPV’s this year, it is to highlight the best (and worst) Superstars of the year. And this means EVERYBODY. From CM Punk to Stan Stanksy, more than a hundred guys have competed under the WWE brand, and it’s time to see who’s been the worst and who’s been the best. As most power rankings, we’re gonna start at the bottom, the worst of the worst, the most forgettable guys who’ve competed in the WWE this year. Shall we begin?

#94. Aiden English & Brad Maddox
Win/Loss Record: 0-0-5

I know what you’re thinking. Who the hell is Aiden English? Didn’t I say we were starting at the bottom? Aiden English is NXT’s resident jobber. That’s right, not only is he an enhancement talent, but an enhancement who can only be seen in Canada, Florida, and the internet. Aiden English has jobbed to the likes of Big E. Langston, Ryback, Bray Wyatt, and Leo Kruger. At least he’s put over guys who are arguably the future of the WWE, right?

And of course, we all know who Brad Maddox is, right? The ref that screwed over Ryback at Hell In A Cell? Well, things haven’t really gone that well for him in the WWE. He’s lost every match he’s been in, and even doesn’t even have his own theme music. Maybe next year something will happen with Maddox.

#93. CJ Parker
Win/Loss Record: 0-0-4

The only difference between CJ Parker and Aiden English is that CJ Parker has only jobbed four times, instead of the previous five. CJ Parker has an interesting looks, and he certainly likes to yell like a madman in the ring, making him a not-so-generic jobber, but he’s still nothing more than an enhancement talent.

#92. Dante Dash
Win/Loss Record: 0-0-3

Yes, I realize that you are probably already tired of reading about some guys you probably didn’t even know existed, but everybody who’s wrestled for WWE is on this list, including jobber number three, Dante Dash. Don’t let his name fool you, Dante Dash’s name is a lot more interesting than his actual in-ring ability. It’s safe to say that the highest point in his career was losing to the current United States Champion Antonio Cesaro on NXT.

#91. Assorted Jobber Pack #1
Win/Loss Record: 0-0-2

Chase Donovan, Memo Montenegro, Nick Rogers, and Oliver Grey. Each has worked as an enhancement talent twice. That’s right, only twice. Memo Montenegro, for those who don’t know, is Alberto Del Rio‘s little brother. Clearly having the Mexican Aristocrat in your family doesn’t help your WWE career.


#90. Assorted Jobber Pack #2
Win/Loss Record: 0-0-1

Okay, before I get into who is in this jobber pack (it’s quite a bit), let me explain who these guys are. They are the guys who were being fed to Ryback for three months. They are the guys who Brodus Clay was squashing on WWE Superstars. These are the guys who WWE hires from the indies for one show so they can make one of their guys look good. I think it’s kind of worrisome that WWE needs to use this many of them, but it did make Ryback look strong. Well, here they are. These men are: Adam Mercer, Andy Tavares, Ari Cohen, Arthur Rosenberg, Axl Keegan, Barry Stevens, Benny Camer, Brendan Burke, Brian Collins, Brian Edwards, Chad Baxter, Chris Lyons, Dan Barone, Danny Lerman, Doink The Clown, Frank Vanezia, Gavin Reid, Jacob Kaye, Jared Wachtler, Jiro, Joel Pettyfer, Kevin Bendl, Kevin Mahoney, Lincoln Broderick, Matt Striker, Mike Testa, Mike Spinner, Pac McBryer, Ricky Starks, Rob Barnes, Robbie Mathews, Rob Cabildo, Rutherford PS Hayes, Ryan Shelton, Sakamoto, Stan Stansky, Tony Andriotis, Willard Fillmore, and FINALLY, Yonni Grieco. If you actually bothered to read all of those names, I commend you.

#89. Garrett Dylan
Win/Loss Record: 0-1-1

What exactly puts Garrett Dylan at #87 instead of being put into one of the jobber packs below? Well, it’s that one litte “No Contest” on his win/loss record. Garrett Dylan’s match at NXT was interrupted by the Shield, and because of that, Dylan managed to avoid being #89. Like I said, this part of the list if the most uninteresting.

#88. Denton Blackwell & Mr. McMahon
Win/Loss Record: 0-1-0

I know what you’re thinking. Who the hell is Denton Blackwell, and why is he paired up with Mr. McMahon. It’s simple. They share the same win/loss record. Zero wins, zero losses, and one no contest. And while Mr. McMahon definitely got his no contest in more epic fashion against CM Punk on the main event of Raw, both men probably exuded the same amount of skill.

#87. Mike Dalton
Win/Loss Record: 1-0-4

Hey look! It’s a guy who has actually won a match! Yes, Mike Dalton has actually won a match, whether you’ve heard of him or not. In fact, Dalton actually scored a win alongside Jason Jordan against the team of Hunico and Camacho. The win, as it should’ve been, was treated as an upset. This of course would lead to a rematch, where Dalton and Jordan wouldn’t be as successful as before. Still, a win over two actual roster members is a pretty big deal for an NXT jobber.

#86. Jake Carter & Jason Jordan
Win/Loss Record: 1-0-3

The only difference between Jason Jordan and Mike Dalton is that Jason Jordan has only lost three times. It may be a minor thing, but it puts Jordan one spot ahead of his tag team partner. As for Jake Carter, he was in a short lived pairing with Corey Graves, scoring a win over CJ Parker and Nick Rogers.

#85. Rick Victor
Win/Loss Record: 0-0-3

How is a man with an 0-3 record ranking above guys who actually have wins? Well, Rick Victor (for some odd reason) had a match with Seth Rollins for the NXT Championship. He lost, obviously  and hasn’t been seen since.

#84. Xavier Woods
Win/Loss Record: 1-0-1

If you watch TNA, Xavier Wood might be a face to you. The former Consequences Creed was hired by WWE in 2010, and although the charismatic Superstar has all the talent, he has yet to make an impact in NXT. But, it looks like you may be seeing him on the main roster soon, as Xavier Woods has been picking dark match wins over guys like Michael McGillicutty, Dean Ambrose, and Hunico.

#83. One Time Winners
Win/Loss Record: 1-0-0 

If you were wondering where all those guys who beat up Heath Slater were going to rank, here they are (alongside some other one time winners too): Adrian Neville, Animal, Bray Wyatt, Gene Okerlund, Scotty 2 Hotty, Sgt. Slaughter, Sycho Sid, Teddy Long, Tommy Dreamer, and Vader.

#82. William Regal
Win/Loss Record: 0-0-5

It’s kind of sad when you have to put such a legend like William Regal so low on the list, but based on how WWE uses him, it’s an appropriate ranking. Although William Regal now spends his time in the WWE commentating for NXT and working backstage, Regal’s few outings this year have been unsuccessful to say the least. Regal started off the year participating in a dance-off against Brodus Clay on Smackdown. Not only is that extremely stupid, but Brodus Clay hit his finisher on him for no reason after the dance-off. Regal was also a part of a storyline on NXT Redemption earlier this year where he was put into a feud against Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins. After NXT Redemption was cancelled and remade into the much better NXT we see today, William Regal stayed off of TV for a while. It wasn’t until he faced off Zack Ryder on Saturday Morning Slam that we would be reintroduced onto television.

During a Smackdown from Regal’s home country of England, Regal was put placed into the storyline between Sheamus and Big Show. Regal was, well, destroyed by Big Show multiple times, and the moment WWE left England, Regal was taken back off TV. Regal’s career is clearly winding down, and it would be nice to see one of the most underrated wrestlers in history actually do something meaningful before he fully retires. I wouldn’t count on WWE making sure that happens.

#81. Aaron Relic, Dan Delaney, Jay Hatton, & Rob Grymes
Win/Loss Record: 0-0-1

Why are these four men who have a record of 0-0-1 ahead of William Regal? Well, these are the four men that were fed to Ryback. But, what makes them different from the other are the fact that they were in a match on a WWE PPV. How many of WWE’s jobbers can say they people payed $60.00 to watch them?

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