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3 booking flaws WWE needs to correct

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Finn Balor x Corbin
When will it come to an end?

Everyone has his/her own unique way of thinking. Therefore people have different perceptions. The WWE Universe is no different in this context either. Every fan wants WWE to do things in a certain way.

While fans have different opinions about what should happen, they have a common opinion about what shouldn't.

Many unnecessary things happen in the WWE. These things not only bore us, they irritate us as well. Long feuds often don't benefit a superstar's career.

When feuds are too long, people start loosing interest, and as a result superstars involved get booed. There is no reason such mistakes should continue. In this article, i list 3 things that should not happen in WWE.

#3 Long feuds

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Baron Corbin and Finn Balor

For quite a long time, we have had been seeing too much unnecessarily extended feuds - Rollins vs Ziggler, and Corbin vs Balor, to name a few. While Ziggler vs Rollins has many twists and turns, Corbin vs Finn is plain boring.

Longer feuds suck up the chances for future rivalries between the two superstars. For example, after the feud between Sasha and Charlotte in 2016, no one wanted to see them again.

In order to ensure that fans don't get bored and boo these superstars, WWE must ensure that feuds don't last over 2 PPVs.

This will not only help the company retain audiences, but it also gives other superstars precious TV time as well.


#2 Too many squash matches

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Do they really need this?

Do you still remember The Bludgeon Brothers' comeback on SmackDown Live? Or how Authors Of Pain came to Raw?

You're right, they came and competed in squash matches for months. They squashed many unknown local jobbers week after week. This did not help them gain anything despite wasting so much screen time.

These WWE Superstars are former NXT tag team champions, they didn't need squash matches. Infact, squash matches brought down their credibility.

Squash matches overshadow the potential of superstars, making them look unconvincing. Therefore squash matches should be organised as little as possible.

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