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3 Directions The Fiend can go in after winning the Universal Championship

Ray Tang
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04 Nov 2019, 18:30 IST

Where does The Fiend go after winning the Universal Championship?
Where does The Fiend go after winning the Universal Championship?

When Bray Wyatt made his WWE return earlier this year, as host of the creepy children’s television show, The Firefly Fun House, it quickly became one of the most talked about events in all of wrestling. Over the course of the show's first few weeks, Wyatt’s character dropped hints that the Firefly Fun House was more than what it seemed, and The Fiend began to appear, as Wyatt would shift between his two alter-egos. This would go on for almost three months before The Fiend first appeared in a ring, attacking Finn Balor.

After beating Finn Balor at SummerSlam and attacking several Hall of Famers including Mick Foley, Jerry Lawler, and Kurt Angle, The Fiend was quickly propelled into the main title picture when he attacked Universal Champion Seth Rollins at Clash of Champions, after Rollins' successful title defense against Braun Strowman.

However, at Hell in a Cell, the unthinkable happened. Not only did The Fiend fail to win the Universal Championship, but the match was stopped prematurely, shocking the WWE Universe. Rollins used a sledgehammer on top of a toolbox and several other weapons including steel chairs, and the referee was compelled to stop the match. Considering past Hell in a Cell matches have had more brutal moments where wrestlers have used sledgehammers, been thrown off the structure and onto thumbtacks, the outcry from the WWE Universe was more than understandable.

The Fiend saw redemption at the following Crown Jewel pay-per-view and managed to capture his first Universal Championship, despite taking a barrage of curb stomps. After winning one of the company's most prestigious championships, The Fiend now stands atop WWE's proverbial mountain, but one question remains: where does the Fiend go from here?

#3 Creating a new stable

The Wyatt Family
The Wyatt Family

There have been many stables that have come and gone throughout the history of WWE. While many merely become an afterthought, there have been several that have left an impression on WWE forever including the likes of The Hart Foundation, D-Generation X, and Evolution, just to name a few. Furthermore, many of the wrestlers featured in these stables use their early success as a platform to move onto bigger and better things in their careers.

With that stated, there haven't been many memorable stables in recent years other than The New Day, The Authority, and The Shield. WWE could definitely use the formation of a new faction to spice things up creatively and Bray Wyatt is just the man to do it.

If one considers how developed and influential The Fiend’s character is, Wyatt is more than capable of recruiting a villainous stable to terrify the WWE locker room on a weekly basis. On one of his Firefly Fun House segments this year, several children were seemingly locked in a trance-like state, suggesting that The Fiend has the power and influence to make others join his cult.

Furthermore, if one takes into account that Wyatt, the former leader of The Wyatt Family, is no stranger to creating a stable, he could take advantage of his obvious leadership skills to ensure that he and his new Universal Championship will receive extra protection for years to come.

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