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5 Dream matches we might get to see at this year's Survivor Series

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The traditional 5 on 5 match
The traditional 5 on 5 match

The 2017 Survivor Series match card was filled with dream matches that ranged from The Shield taking on The New Day to AJ Styles vs Brock Lesnar.

Although the PPV did deliver on numerous scales, the traditional 5 on 5 men's elimination match which had a lot of hype around it was brutally underwhelming. Even though the match included the likes of Braun Strowman, Kurt Angle, Triple H and John Cena, the match lacked action and had left the fans disappointed.

The only positive point from the main event was when WWE teased a feud between Triple H and Braun Strowman after Triple H and Braun were the only wrestlers on Team Raw against the lone warrior Shane McMahon in a 2 on 1 situation.

Triple H seemed to have turned his back on Braun as he looked to have teamed up with his brother in law to take down The Monster among men before Triple H fooled everyone and Pedigreed Shane. Braun didn't really seem to like the joke played by Triple H as he hit him with a Running Powerslam after the match.

The Brands recently had a Shake-up which opened up a lot of possibilities for dream matches that can take place this year. With that being said, let's look at the 3 dream matches that can take place at this year's Survivor Series PPV.

#5 Roman Reigns vs Shinsuke Nakamura

Glimpses of The Royal Rumble
Glimpses of The Royal Rumble

We all knew the results of The Elimination Chamber even before it happened and as expected Roman Reigns came out on top. Roman was in the main event of WrestleMania for the 4th consecutive time and we expected The Big Dog to come out victorious, but the unexpected happened and Brock Lesnar retained his title in a brutal match.

Roman got another opportunity to win The WWE Universal Championship at The Greatest Royal Rumble but there was yet another surprise ending as Brock retained the title successfully. Although Roman defeated Samoa Joe the following week at Backlash, he's currently in a storyline which involves him getting screwed over by the management.

Reigns lost his Money in the Bank qualification match after a distraction from Jinder Mahal. This week's Raw saw him ambush Mahal which meant he wasn't cleared to participate in his MITB qualification match. Also, Reigns wasn't given another shot at qualification after Kurt Angle mentioned he wasn't allowed any more opportunities by the management. Will this lead to frustration and lead him to finally turn heel?


Shinsuke Nakamura's time in the main roster was underwhelming due to poor storylines and matches. WWE finally gave him a reprieve after they turned him heel following a loss to AJ Styles at WrestleMania and the crowds are absolutely loving his "No speak English" gimmick. Shinsuke kept ambushing AJ week after week with constant low blows and also failed to win The WWE World Championship at The GRR after a double count-out. He's still involved in an entertaining feud with AJ Styles.

Assuming these two men manage to capture the titles of their respective brands, they will surely face off each other. The match will be highly entertaining and surely a hard-hitting match. Will the Big Dog cement his yard again? or will the King of Strongstyle come out on top?

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