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3 Greatest wrestlers who never won the WCW World Title

Seth Carter
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Eric Bischoff led the WCW to unprecedented levels of success.
Eric Bischoff led the WCW to unprecedented levels of success.

In 1991, Eric Bischoff was hired by WCW as an announcer. In 1993, he interviewed for the vacancy created by the resignation of Bill Watts. Bischoff was hired as the new Executive Producer for WCW and was later promoted to Executive Vice President in 1994. Bischoff maintained his position as Executive Vice President until September 10, 1999.  

Throughout Bischoff’s charge atop the company, Hulk Hogan held the WCW World Heavyweight Championship on six different occasions for a total of 1,177 days as champ. Bischoff preferred established stars as his champions of choice, which had a very beneficial effect on the company, as he led WCW out of the red and into the nWo black and white. Under Bischoff’s leadership, World Championship Wrestling saw unprecedented levels of revenue and popularity.  

WCW had a loaded roster of talent under Eric Bischoff. He signed international talent from the World’s top promotions and created the Cruiserweight division, which became a staple of WCW’s programming. As a result of the influx of talent on the roster, WCW had top-level talent opening shows and carrying the mid-card. The loaded roster was a major part of the appeal of Monday Nitro and no doubt had a big hand in helping WCW seize the top spot from WWF.  

This article will take a look at some of the early to mid-card wrestlers that had the talent but were never able to make it to the top of the WCW mountain during Bischoff’s reign as Executive Vice President.  

#3 Arn Anderson

Arn Anderson as close as he would ever get to the WCW World Championship.
Arn Anderson as close as he would ever get to the WCW World Championship.

Arn Anderson is a true legend of professional wrestling. Between NWA and WCW, he is a 10-time Tag Champion and a four-time Television Champion. He was a constant figure in the main event picture as one of the spokesmen of the Four Horsemen. Anderson could always be found at Ric Flair’s side. 

Arn Anderson was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as a member of the Four Horsemen in March of 2012. Adding to his resume, Anderson even owns a pinfall victory over the man who held the WCW Heavyweight Championship longer than anyone in history, Hulk Hogan.  

His in-ring career came to an end in 1997 due to a severe spinal injury. Anderson was one of the top heels in the history of wrestling. He was convincing and passionate on the microphone and just as convincing in the ring. The master of the Spinebuster would have been a capable and believable champion for the WCW, but it never came to pass.

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