3 interesting storylines WWE could have booked Luke Harper in

Luke Harper has asked for his release from WWE
Luke Harper has asked for his release from WWE
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Luke Harper has become the latest WWE superstar wanting to leave the company after he officially asked for his release via his Instagram handle. The former Wyatt Family member has been off WWE TV since August last year, with his only major appearance coming in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal on the kick off show of WrestleMania 35.

The WWE Universe believed that Luke Harper would make his return on the fallout episodes of WrestleMania 35, but the same never happened. But when WWE reinstated his first name, the fans felt he may return during the Superstar Shake-up. However, we were disappointed once again as instead of showing up on WWE TV, Harper took it to Instagram to express his desire to leave the company.

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The only possible reason behind this move could be his poor booking in the WWE. He was kept off TV because of lack of storylines and so, I will present 3 interesting storylines WWE could have booked Harper in -

#3 Reunion with Bray Wyatt on RAW

Bray Wyatt and Harper
Bray Wyatt and Harper

Perhaps, the easiest way WWE could have brought Luke Harper back on WWE TV. Bray Wyatt, just like Harper has not appeared because of no creative plans. WWE could have formed a team of these two superstars and given them a run in the stagnant tag team division of Monday Night RAW.

The RAW Tag Team Championship match may have made it to the main card of WrestleMania had Wyatt and Harper been involved in the mix. Also, the Creative could have involved Braun Strowman, a former Wyatt Family member, in this storyline and added a new layer to it.

The opportunities were many but unfortunately, WWE chose to insert Luke Harper in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

#2 A babyface on SmackDown Live

Luke Harper had gotten over with the crowd during this feud
Luke Harper had gotten over with the crowd during this feud

Flashback to March 2017. Bray Wyatt is the WWE Champion on SmackDown Live while Luke Harper, AJ Styles and Royal Rumble winner Randy Orton were in the race to fight him at WrestleMania 33. It was at that time Luke Harper became one of the most popular babyface Superstars in the entire WWE.

The crowd was behind the former Intercontinental Champion and even wanted him in the WWE Championship match at WrestleMania. Though WWE did not pull the trigger then, they could have put Harper in that position once again.

They had a chance to put Harper in the Elimination Chamber match in place of Ali. And no one knows, had Harper been given that position instead of Kofi Kingston, he could have been the WWE Champion right now.

Also, with his former tag team partner Rowan being in Daniel Bryan's corner, Harper could have got more sympathy from the WWE Universe.

#1 Return as part of Bludgeon Brothers

Why was this thing scrapped?
Why was this thing scrapped?

Luke Harper and Erick Rowan were repackaged as the Bludgeon Brothers on SmackDown Live before WrestleMania 34 last year. They even won the Tag Team Championships at The Show of Shows and even had a dominant run as Champions. An unfortunate injury to Rowan led to an abrupt end to their title reign. Even Harper (who was written off TV) suffered a hand injury soon.

The fans expected the Bludgeon Brothers to return before WrestleMania 35 but WWE put an end to that gimmick by presenting Rowan as Daniel Bryan's sidekick. Adding Luke Harper to that alliance may have made sense, however, WWE chose to keep the former SmackDown tag team champion away from WWE TV.

Looking at where we stand after WrestleMania 35, I think it would have been a better idea to have Harper and Rowan back as Bludgeon Brothers. As for Rowan's role as Daniel Bryan's insurance policy, WWE could have used any other Superstar from their stacked roster to do that job.

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In my view, WWE committed a huge blunder by scrapping the Bludgeon Brothers gimmick. If they continued their gimmicks, it may not have led to Harper's release today.

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