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3 must have feuds for AJ Styles

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Smackdown plays a second fiddle to the massive Monday night raw and it's comparatively smaller. However, it is not short of quality wrestlers and some engaging storylines. The best feud currently in the whole of WWE according to me is, Styles vs Joe.

AJ Styles has turned out to be a revelation for WWE and SmackDown Live. Commonly known as the "face that built the place", Styles is living to that tagline. Well, he invented it after he defeated John Cena. Styles is an impact wrestler and the WWE Universe loves him. Styles was heavily cheered over Cena in his feud with him. Styles is currently a Babyface at the moment and Joe is the heel.

This current feud reminds me of the Attitude Era. It has gotten personal, intense and more importantly, engaging. Styles' family was involved by Joe and that angle has turned out to be pretty good for Vince and co. so far. Although I have no complaints with this current feud of Styles, it is bound to get over and when it does Styles should have one of these three fantasy feuds.

The face that runs this place!
The face that runs this place!

3. Brock Lesnar

This is going to be Awesome!
This is going to be Awesome!

Brock Lesnar vs AJ Styles will always be good no matter what. They showed us glimpses of what their feud could look like when they locked horns in the Survivor series last year. Both of these men have an excellent physique and the match is bound to get physical. Styles is likely to be cheered if this feud does get underway. His mic skills are way too good to be true and will be a perfect counterpart to Paul Heyman on the mic. Styles' matches have always been interesting owing to his extraordinary in-ring skills. Lesnar vs Styles might happen in the future and I'd pay money to watch these two beasts wrestle.

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