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3 predictions for the first WWE title changes of 2019

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7.73K   //    25 Dec 2018, 21:53 IST

These 6 superstars will surely shake things up
These 6 superstars will surely shake things up

The year 2018 was one of the best in WWE history for the female superstars of the company. They got their first ever Royal Rumble match, Elimination Chamber match, their very own PPV, and also a TLC match. And not only did they achieve these firsts, they made sure they delivered fantastic matches as well.

But the same cannot be said of their male counterparts. Barring a few occasions, there was hardly any memory to cherish of the male superstars in 2018. Right from Brock Lesnar's disastrous reign, to Baron Corbin's horrendous run as General Manager, RAW had one of its worst years in history.

Also, there were a lot of forgettable title reigns on both shows, which devalued the WWE product. However, the McMahons have guaranteed us a fresher product in the year 2019, and a lot of fan favourite superstars have been promised a push.

Here are my predictions for the first 3 title changes of 2019.

#1 RAW Tag Team Champions - The Revival

Your soon to be RAW tag team champions
Your soon to be RAW tag team champions

The RAW tag team division has been a mess ever since Braun Strowman and Nicholas won the championships at WM 34. Since then, the titles have been held by the team of Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy, the B Team, Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre, The Shield, AOP, and currently Bobby Roode & Chad Gable are the champions.

To be honest, none of the above champions had a title reign to remember, and the current tag champs are expected to implode in the near future. So I expect The Revival to win the championships on the Royal Rumble PPV, which will be followed by an implosion between Roode and Gable after they lose their match.

Predicted date of title change - 27 January 2019

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