3 reasons why Rhea Ripley should join forces with Edge & 2 she shouldn't

Rhea Ripley turned on her tag team partner Liv Morgan on WWE RAW
Rhea Ripley turned on her tag team partner Liv Morgan on WWE RAW
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Rhea Ripley and Liv Morgan headed into WrestleMania 38, looking to capture the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship. They were unsuccessful in a Fatal-Four Way match which saw Sasha Banks and Naomi claim victory over Liv for Brutality, Natalya & Shayna Baszler, and the then-champions Carmella & Queen Zelina.

The following night on RAW, tensions emerged when the former RAW Women's Champion walked out on Liv after losing a contender's match to claim another title shot. Then, on the April 18 edition, Rhea attacked Liv Morgan following their defeat to The Boss and Naomi with the Women's Tag Titles on the line.

Rumors have been swirling for a few weeks now that "The Nightmare" will join forces with Edge and Damian Priest. With her turn on Liv Morgan, she might embrace her new role and potentially find her way to the Rated-R Superstar's stable.

With that being said, let's look at three reasons why Rhea should align with Edge and two reasons she shouldn't.

#3 Should: Rhea needs to test herself in a whole new direction

Rhea Ripley attacking Liv Morgan on RAW
Rhea Ripley attacking Liv Morgan on RAW

Ever since Rhea Ripley joined WWE in 2017, she has been portrayed as a babyface character on NXT and the main roster. Now, turning heel provides The Nightmare with a whole new direction to explore.

Staying in one particular character mode without evolving can become a little stale over time. The character shift will allow Rhea to test herself professionally and personally by taking on the villainous role.

#2 Shouldn't: Rhea Ripley does not need a stable

LIVing Nightmare ๐Ÿ‘น

If there's one thing that can be said about Rhea Ripley, it is that she undoubtedly knows how to hold her own in and out of the ring. Hence, it begs the question: does she need to be a part of a stable?

The Adelaide-born superstar has had much success as a babyface singles competitor. Now, it would only be fair to see how she can go as a heel on her own moving forward.

#2 Should: Ripley may be elevated and return to the RAW Women's Championship picture

Dang yo, THIS Rhea could change everything.#WWERaw @RheaRipley_WWE

One major plus point that Ripley could benefit from is that joining Edge's stable might elevate her to a whole new level. The Rated-R Superstar's support and a major push could perhaps be the right move.

Not only that, but it might ultimately ascend her right back into the RAW Women's Championship picture and could essentially cement her as a key Superstar on the women's roster.

#1 Shouldn't: Rhea may take a secondary role in Edge's stable

Rhea Ripley making her entrance.
Rhea Ripley making her entrance.

Joining a stable doesn't always come with benefits. One such negative is that Rhea would have to share screen time with other WWE Superstars in the group, which may lead to her becoming a side act.

Edge being the leader, the spotlight will be firmly on him each week. There would need to be something significant to propel Ripley in front of the camera. In contrast, as a solo heel act, the spotlight would be firmly on her only.

#1 Should: Joining Edge's stable would provide Rhea Ripley a new lease of life on RAW

Ripley on the ring apron during her entrance
Ripley on the ring apron during her entrance

For Rhea Ripley, joining Edge's rumored stable would provide her with a new agenda on RAW. It would allow her to excel in an unfamiliar role while portraying her sinister side on the mic and in the ring.

There will now be a renewed interest in her character from the WWE Universe with her heel turn, and there will be more intrigued as to what's next for the former RAW Women's Champion. Joining Edge's group will add to that mystique and keep everyone glued to weekly programming.

Do you think Rhea would be a good fit for Edge's rumored new stable? Let us know in the comments section below!

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