3 reasons why Solo Sikoa should dethrone Roman Reigns 

Solo Sikoa debuted on the main roster at WWE Clash at the Castle
Solo Sikoa debuted on the main roster at WWE Clash at the Castle

After running through the NXT 2.0 roster for about a year, Solo Sikoa has now arrived on WWE SmackDown. The Street Champion made his main roster debut in the grandest way possible at WWE Clash at the Castle, where he helped Roman Reigns retain his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

With his rescue act, Sikoa has now officially become a part of The Bloodline. With another ally in his corner, it doesn't seem The Tribal Chief will be losing his titles anytime soon.

However, will his relationship with Sikoa remain cordial until the end of his reign, or will The Street Champion emerge as the one threat Reigns won't see coming?

In this article, let's look at three reasons Solo Sikoa should be the one to dethrone Roman Reigns as the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion.

#1. Solo Sikoa will be the one challenger Roman Reigns won't be ready for

Family Business.☝🏽🩸

In his two-year long reign, Roman Reigns has dismantled several top names from RAW and SmackDown. From old rivals like Brock Lesnar to new faces like Matt Riddle, The Tribal Chief has been successful against all kinds of challengers.

However, things would certainly change if Solo Sikoa sets his sights on The Head of the Table. The Enforcer of The Bloodline is unlike any superstar Roman Reigns has battled so far. Being impressively powerful and athletic, Sikoa could prove to be a believable threat to his cousin's title reign.

Since he's relatively new to the main roster, The Tribal Chief might not have a clue how to deal with the former NXT North American Champion. A Samoan superstar in his own right, Rikishi's younger son, might just be the one to end The Head of the Table's tyranny.

#2. The one who takes down Roman Reigns must be from his own family

In wrestling, the tussle amongst members of the same family often makes up for compelling stories. Before the formation of The Bloodline, Jey Uso was the one who stood up to Reigns' evil ways.

Although Jey couldn't defeat his cousin, Solo Sikoa has all the tools required to take down The Tribal Chief. The big question is, will WWE pull the trigger on making Sikoa the next Undisputed WWE Universal Champion?

Ideally, The Rock would be the perfect choice to knock The Big Dog off his pedestal. However, The People's Champion hasn't been an active member of the WWE roster for a decade, which makes it unlikely for him to defeat Reigns.

Moreover, WWE would probably receive backlash from fans if The Brahma Bull were to end Reigns' historic championship run.

That leaves Solo Sikoa as the best option to slay The Undisputed WWE Universal Champion. Sikoa's victory will see him take the reins as the new Tribal Chief while also allowing The Bloodline story to come full circle.

#3. A victory over The Head of the Table will instantly turn Solo Sikoa into a star

Throughout his illustrious career, Roman Reigns has been consistently backed by the WWE management. Even when sometimes he didn't seem to live up to his potential, Vince McMahon kept pushing him into the main event picture.

Several WWE legends put the Tribal Chief over at crucial stages in his career, which allowed him to emerge as a fan favorite. After finally carving out a legendary status for himself in WWE, it's time The Big Dog returned the favor by passing the torch to a younger talent, particularly Solo Sikoa.

The Bloodline's Enforcer has everything it takes to be the next breakout star in WWE. Aside from his incredible combat skills, the NXT standout has a captivating personality. He possesses the look of a top superstar and can hold his own on the microphone.

With Roman Reigns no longer working on a full-time schedule, WWE might turn to The Usos' younger brother to carry on the lineage of the Samoan dynasty. A victory over The Head of the Table might be the perfect way to propel Sikoa to the next level in his career.

Is Solo Sikoa the one who can dethrone Roman Reigns as The Head of the Table? Sounds off in the comments section below!

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