3 reasons why Theory is WWE's next John Cena and 2 reasons why he isn't

WWE superstars John Cena and Austin Theory
WWE superstars John Cena and Austin Theory
Both stars have been Money in the Bank briefcase holders at some point
Both stars have been Money in the Bank briefcase holders at some point

John Cena celebrated his 20th anniversary in WWE on a recent episode of RAW. Interestingly, he involved himself in an on-screen face-off with the up-and-coming Theory.

Fans have been comparing these stars for a long time, and the discussion has reached its peak since the company started teasing a match between the two. After all, the stars have a lot in common besides their natural charisma and impressive physiques.

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This article will attempt to showcase additional insight into the popular discussion. While some may believe Theory is the next John Cena, others may disagree.

Here are 3 reasons he deserves to be called so and 2 reasons he doesn't.

#5. Theory is the next John Cena because he has what it takes

When Cena debuted in 2002, he instantly proved why he deserved everything there is in WWE. As a youngster, his talent was unmatched.

The same can be said about the current Money in the Bank briefcase holder. He is just 24 years old and has the necessary skillset to become a future Hall of Famer.

He is already great on the mic, in selling, and can perform difficult maneuvers with ease. He makes sure to bring his A-game whenever he steps in front of the crowd.

If he keeps up the hard work, he can surely be the next John Cena.

#4. Theory is not the next John Cena as he has a different attitude

A perfect bad guy?
A perfect bad guy?

Whenever we think about Cena, we think about the words he has lived by for most of his career. He stands for Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect. These words have crafted him into what he is today.

However, Theory is not similar at all. He's the opposite. While The Leader of The Cenation was a babyface for most of his career, the up-and-coming star has always been a stubborn heel.

One portrays an ideal human being while the other tries to gain everything via unethical means.

But you never know. Theory might turn babyface soon. To become the next megastar, he will certainly need an attitude adjustment.

#3. Both have support from Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon accompanied his protege at WrestleMania 38
Vince McMahon accompanied his protege at WrestleMania 38

Along with talent, one must have support from higher authorities to become a top star in WWE. There have been numerous talented stars who weren't able to grow in the business due to the lack of interest from Vince McMahon.

Thankfully, both John Cena and Theory have earned personal support from The Boss. While the former received support behind the scenes, the latter receives constant support on-screen as well.

The company has invested its hopes in the 24-year-old superstar and he is being pushed accordingly. If it continues, he might become the next John Cena.

#2. Theory is not the next John Cena as he has a distinct move set

The "A-Town-Down" is an incredible maneuver
The "A-Town-Down" is an incredible maneuver

This might be a field where some argue that the youngest United States Champion in history is better than John Cena.

Cena has garnered considerable criticism over the years for having a somewhat repetitive move set. He used his trademark "Five Moves of Doom" in almost every contest.

However, Vince McMahon's latest protege is different in this aspect. He has a versatile range of moves which is perfectly suited for current WWE fans who love athletic wrestling.

It can be said that Theory might eventually become the ideal wrestler fans can easily appreciate. The company is working toward the future, so when we talk about Theory, they aren't making him the next John Cena. He might become something different and better.

#1. Theory is the next John Cena as he targets the 16-time world champion

From the previously noted points, we can surely say that the two titans are comparable to each other. Not just because of their similarities, but also because of the current scenario.

Back in 2021, a photo featuring the two surfaced on social media and played a significant role in providing stimulus to fan theories. The company has now started consistently teasing the match.

The current Mr. Money in the Bank targeted the 16-time world champion on the latter's 20th anniversary. He's also been using Big Match John's famous quotes.

His intentions are clear - he wants the top spot in WWE. To achieve that feat, he made the right decision by targeting the former face of the company. His actions are every bit as bold as Cena's were on the day he challenged Kurt Angle in 2002.

The much-awaited confrontation will happen soon. When exactly? Only time will tell.

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