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3 Reasons why Cody and The Young Bucks will become AEW's top bad guys

Seth Carter
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09 Nov 2019, 05:00 IST

All Executive Wrestling?
All Executive Wrestling?

All Elite Wrestling debuted on TNT in October with a mission of turning their top-level talent into household names. AEW has been deftly using the well-known stars of the company to elevate the status of the lesser-known wrestlers. After two matches - one with Cody and one with Chris Jericho - Darby Allin is now a star. The Young Bucks’ loss to Private Party in the first round of the Tag Team tournament elevated every other participant. When the Lucha Brothers defeated Private Party, they didn’t just beat some unknown team to advance to the next round. They beat the duo that beat The Young Bucks. 

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Despite the high-level of fan support and popularity The Elite has received thus far, I contend that we will eventually find out that they are AEW's true villains. AEW has been a masterful storytelling machine. The Countdown to Full Gear video the company produced is truly incredible. The production (watch below) astutely mixes in-ring promos with top-notch, documentary-style video packages. 

Is the Inner Circle going the way of the nWo?

Where is this all heading? I’m certain the company will not going to drive The Inner Circle vs. The Elite into the ground like WCW did with the nWo invasion. Cody had a front row seat to the mistakes that were made, and Jericho was in the middle of all of it.

One thing the nWo and The Inner Circle have in common is that they are both very cool heel groups that are over with the fans.

AEW definitely has a plan and the company has the potential to entertain for months on end. They have been dropping hints about the direction of this storyline which we'll unpack in this article.

Please keep in mind, these are my own personal observations and prognostications and they do not represent the opinion of Sportskeeda. 

#3 Association with MJF

MJF: One of the best heels in the business.
MJF: One of the best heels in the business.

MJF is one of the most notorious heels in independent wrestling. A quick search of his name will reveal that top wrestling publications around the world have regarded him as one of the greatest heels in the world of professional wrestling.

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At Fyter Fest he was introduced by the ring announcer like so, “He says he is better than you and you know it.” He then took the microphone and showed why he is referred to as one of the best heels in the business.

His debut match on Dynamite’s first episode gave him a platform to display his heel-ish nature, as well. 

MJF is fun right now as a babyface, but this is only a temporary situation. Ultimately, his skill-set lies in being a wrestler that fans love to hate. His pairing with the ultra-popular Elite group could be an omen of the story to come. 

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