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3 Reasons why Shane McMahon becoming WWE champion is a good idea

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Will Shane be lifting another prize?
Will Shane be lifting another prize?

Ever since his feud with The Miz started, Shane McMahon has been getting booked incredibly strong by WWE, which has left many fans frustrated due to younger talents suffering for the sake of a part-time wrestler; especially a McMahon.

However, in a report today by the popular Twitter account, WrestleVotes, there could be a long-term reason for why Shane McMahon has been booked so well. With the Twitter account claiming that Shane McMahon could actually be the one that ends up beating Kofi Kingston for the WWE Championship.

I’ve asked what the payoff is to this major Shane McMahon push & TV time allotment. No one seems to have a solid answer. One source said he could see (JUST HIS SPECULATION HERE) Shane being the one to defeat Kofi for the title. That would be something.

As expected, the news hasn't exactly gone down well amongst wrestling fans who have been shocked and frustrated at the unconfirmed report. Obviously, on the surface the idea of giving another part-time wrestler a World Championship isn't something fans want and is a slap in the face to the full-time talents, not everything about the idea is bad.

Shane McMahon has certainly earned a potential World Title reign after the sheer number of crazy bumps he has taken, and there are certainly some potential positives to the idea.

#3 High-risk matches

Who could forget this moment?
Who could forget this moment?

WWE fans are often calling for the Attitude Era to return, with fans wanting to see more blood and violence on television. Well, with Shane McMahon you certainly get closer to that time period than anything else on the roster.

Because he is a McMahon it seems that the rules tend to be a little more flexible with him, as Shane's matches and storylines do often involve a lot of violence. From getting his head put through a car window by AJ Styles to leaping from the top of a Hell In A Cell (twice), Shane isn't afraid to put it all on the line.

Just like his father, Shane will do anything to entertain the audience whether that is as a heel or a babyface, and that isn't exactly a bad thing, is it? Shane has put on several incredible matches during his career, from his infamous bout with Kurt Angle to his recent fun encounter with The Miz at WrestleMania 35.

He might not be the smoothest in-ring worker, but for a part-time talent, who was never 'officially' a wrestler, Shane is certainly better than most. The title reign certainly won't be a lengthy one if it does happen, so why not enjoy a few crazy matches if it does?

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