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3 Superstars who could be the next target for The Fiend

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08 Aug 2019, 22:18 IST

The Fiend has been cryptic
The Fiend has been cryptic

Bray Wyatt, whose character became stale over the last few years, created a sense of excitement throughout the WWE Universe ever since his alter-ego, The Fiend, came to the scene.

He has kept everyone guessing with his unpredictable nature. After giving outlandish promos in The Firefly Fun House segments for weeks, Wyatt finally brought out his new character. Since then, he has been a hot subject of discussion in the WWE Universe.

The Fiend, at first, targeted his old rival Finn Balor, and now he's ready to face him at the SummerSlam.

He, then laid an assault on Mick Foley at the Raw Reunion using the Hall Of Famer's finisher, The Mandible Claw. Surprisingly, he also apologized to Foley later in social media.

He didn't stop there, as he also targeted the legendary Kurt Angle, who was a guest referee on RAW this week. 

After the attack on Kurt Angle, it seems that the 'Mandible Claw' has become his finisher and none of the Superstars are safe.

Let's see which three Superstars could be the next victim of 'The Fiend'.

#1 Goldberg

Goldberg may be NEXT!
Goldberg may be NEXT!

As we have seen so far, The Fiend has targeted WWE legends, and that is what he can continue to do.


He may attack Goldberg on the next episode of SmackDown Live or during the match at SummerSlam. 

Just imagine, Goldberg is cutting a promo when all the lights turn off and the next moment, we see The Fiend in the ring attacking the WCW Icon.

He applies his finisher on Goldberg and before anyone understands anything, the lights turn on and The Fiend disappears.

Another thing that could also happen is during SummerSlam. Goldberg is dominating the match with Ziggler and all of a sudden, The Fiend and attacks the former Universal Champion.

After his departure, Zigglergets the pin on Goldberg to score a monumental win.

It would be a lot of fun and can help boost people's excitement about Wyatt's latest persona.

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