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3 Things WWE must do for CM Punk's return and 3 things they must avoid

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Modified 21 Dec 2019, 01:05 IST

This should be interesting...
This should be interesting...

Last week, the entire pro-wrestling world was buzzing with CM Punk’s surprise arrival at WWE Backstage. Everyone looked on in disbelief as Punk walked out and declared that he had just changed the culture.

In one of pro wrestling's most unexpected moments, we saw 'The Best in the World’ promise WWE fans that he will be appearing at WWE Backstage to share his opinions on ongoing events.

It is important to note that his deal is with FOX and not WWE. Therefore, he will be appearing on select dates only and in the capacity of the network’s representative.

While he is bound to boost up the TRP of the program, there are several other things that may lie ahead in the future. Taking Punk’s history with WWE into consideration, here are a few things that the company must do with his return and a few they should avoid.

#3 Must Do – Make the best use of CM Punk’s arrival on WWE Backstage

Well, hello there...
Well, hello there...

It’s been a long time since CM Punk’s bitter exit from the company. Both he and WWE have aired their grievances and evidently, are now in a much better place. This deal with FOX has brought 'The Best in the World’ back to the business that made it all happen and now it would be best to focus on the strengths that helped him once elevate the company. 

Vince McMahon has already apologized to Punk and the latter has been more kind in his words toward WWE in recent times. Therefore, the two can be involved in a healthy professional relationship heading forward.

WWE must understand that there is no point in digging old graves and directing shots at someone whose only job is to provide a neutral perspective on the product while appearing on the channel. Therefore, they should use Punk’s experience with the WWE crowd to add credibility to the ongoing storylines.

He will only appear on select dates and is likely to give his opinion on the actions that unfold in the company. WWE Creative must find a way to intertwine his words with the intended projection of a babyface or a heel in order to get storylines over with the crowd. 

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Published 19 Nov 2019, 19:30 IST
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