3 Things WWE should do with Retribution, the new anonymous faction, and 2 mistakes that should be avoided 

A lot of excitement exists around Retribution, WWE
A lot of excitement exists around Retribution, WWE's new faction
Riju Dasgupta
Modified 08 Aug 2020
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WWE SmackDown was a pretty tepid affair this week, until the closing moments when we saw Retribution, the faction that we first experienced on RAW show up and take center stage. Violence would break out all over the ringside area with a cliffhanger that is bound to get the WWE Universe tuned in, to catch the action next week, to see what this mysterious new faction- Retribution is all about.

Vince McMahon and Bruce Prichard have a chance to make Retribution the hottest thing on WWE television, but they could also potentially get it all wrong. Here's a checklist of things that should happen with this faction and things that should not, just to ensure that this storyline does not fizzle out like so many other promising ones have, over the years.

#1 WWE should make Retribution look absolutely bulletproof for some time

The reason why The Shield was so over with fans is that they were treated as a big deal from the word go. Retribution needs to echo this sentiment in a big way as they pick up win after win on WWE television, once they actively start competing in the ring.

Remember how Sting came into WWE and the whole world started talking about what a coup this was, and then he lost? While this is a completely different case, Retribution needs to keep winning their matches on WWE television and appear dominant for weeks on end. A more recent example of poor booking from WWE would be bringing Mustafa Ali to RAW and then having him lose to Bobby Lashley on the following week's show.

Even the process of stepping into the WWE ring for the first time should be a process. They shouldn't be treated as members of the roster after all the chaos they caused, as WWE is bound to do.

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Published 08 Aug 2020
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