3 Times WWE proved that Brock Lesnar can get away with breaking rules

Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar is undoubtedly one of the most talented athletes to step foot inside a wrestling ring. Not only that, Brock has proved that he's a legitimate badass after his success in the UFC. One thing Brock Lesnar is arguably even better at is Brock the businessman.

Since Lesnar's returned to the WWE, he's had some really sweet deals. He works limited dates, barely any Live Events, and even when he does wrestle, his matches never really go long. On top of this, Lesnar is one of the, if not the highest paid Superstars on the WWE roster.

It's clear that Vince McMahon sees Lesnar as an essential part of the WWE, a part of it being Lesnar's drawing power and the other part probably being McMahon realizing that he must keep Lesnar away from rival promotions.

Over the years, including during his first run in WWE, Lesnar has often broken WWE rules for which many other stars would have been fired for.

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#3 Getting on Undertaker's bad side

The Undertaker
The Undertaker

This isn't officially a rule but everyone knows that The Undertaker holds a lot of sway bakstage. Taker was famously not happy with CM Punk being WWE Champion becuase he didn't believe that Punk represented WWE in the right way.

As for Lesnar and Taker's relationship, it did not get off to a good start. After Brock Lesnar won the WWE Championship from The Rock in 2002, his first real challenger was none other than The Deadman. Lesnar went over The Deadman and was later supposed to do another series of rematches with Undertaker in 2004. However, Brock Lesnar ended up quitting the WWE soon after and this led to real life heat between the two.

However, this didn't hurt Lesnar's position in WWE at all after his return and he and Taker put their differences aside, with the Deadman even allowing Brock to break the streak.

#2 Almost quitting WWE in 2012 after his first match back

Lesnar vs Cena
Lesnar vs Cena

Brock Lesnar's first match back since his return was at Extreme Rules 2012 but it could have all ended there. Brock was booked to lose the match, which he was, of course, aware of. However, according to reports at the time, after the match was over, Lesnar was supposed to absolutely destroy John Cena which would lead to Cena getting taken out of the arena in a stretcher.

Instead, after the match was over, Cena got up and cut an impromptu promo where he hinted at leaving the ring and retiring. Lesnar was furious at how things had played out and threw a fit backstage, threatening to leave the company after just one match into his run.

Where other WWE stars would have been fired or at the very least punished and fined for their behavior, Lesnar was booked for a monstrous push and totally destroyed John Cena in their next meeting.

#1 Leaving developmental and threating to quit unless he was sent to the main roster

Brock Lesnar in OVW
Brock Lesnar in OVW

As you will see after this story, WWE giving Brock Lesnar preferential treatment isn't a new thing. Even during his days in OVW, WWE knew what kind of precocious talent they had on their hands.

While still in Ohio Valley Wrestling, Brock Lesnar told WWE that he would quit unless he was sent to the main roster. This is something that's unheard of in WWE and at this point, Lesnar had around one year of experience in professional wrestling.

The incident was described by Gerald Briscoe years later and here's what he said:

"One day I get a call, and it’s Brock. He’s really frustrated. He wanted to leave. Brock said, β€˜I’ve got other options."

Most other wrestlers in developmental would get fired for offenses like this but Brock was rewarded with a move to the main roster where he won the WWE Championship six months after his debut.

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