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3 ways Jon Moxley can make an impact AEW's Double or Nothing

Amit Shukla
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Dean Ambrose has unleashed Mox
Dean Ambrose has unleashed Mox

Wrestling fans were taken by surprise when a video hit the internet today with Dean Ambrose's new (former) gimmick being revealed in the video. If you are a hardcore wrestling fan, you know who Jon Moxley is, and in case not, this video below will give you a glimpse of him being let out into the wrestling world again.

The video shows Moxley escape from a detention facility and evade the cops chasing aftere him. As a daredevil and wrestler that he is, it seemed like a depiction of his other persona, and what his feelings were about WWE (being confined and underappreciated). Twitter responded by welcoming him back with open arms. Ambrose decided not to resign with the WWE, and while it means a big-time financial loss for Vince McMahon's company, it also means that the world of professional wrestling - especially the independent circuit - has a hot free agent to pursue. This is a good way to make wrestling outside of WWE even more popular.

When I say that, one name that comes to mind is All Elite Wrestling, because this is the only promotion that is being hyped as a competitor to WWE. AEW has Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho in its roster, and the addition of Jon Moxley would be a great acquisition.

With that in mind, here are 3 ways he could be portrayed in their upcoming Double or Nothing event...

#3 Unexpected entry of Jon Moxley

Could we see Moxley on the AEW roster?
Could we see Moxley on the AEW roster?

A short while ago, AEW Executive Vice-President Cody Rhodes had confirmed that he is not interested in every WWE Superstar but only Tier 1 performers. This was an indication that only if you had the skills will you be employed by the company.

Jon Moxley is definitely a name that every hardcore wrestling fan knows and with his skills and wrestling style, he can turn more heads if he makes a surprise return.

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