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3 ways The Rock could return to WWE

Amit Shukla
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4.16K   //    04 Oct 2018, 19:32 IST

The Great One will be looking to come back home

The Rock is 'The People's Champ' and no matter when or how he enters the crowd goes absolutely crazy.

He had a great run as WWF Champion, and his returns have drawn great ratings for the company. The 25 January 2016 segment when he returned and made fun of The Miz, and talked to Big Show as well as spoke to Lana backstage was loved by fans immensely.

He is a master at cutting promos and can make the simplest things look the best. The segments he had over the years have been applauded by fans. His current run in Hollywood is something everyone would dream of, and the same can be said about his WWF (now WWE) run too.

There have been speculations about him returning for a match and Elias may be the one who started this buzz when he called out 'The Rock.'

Ever since the segment, there have been multiple occasions when WWE has speculated a Rock return, and the most recent one happened when Aiden English talked about Milwaukee, speculations started running high that Lana may have visited 'The Great One.'

While they were put to rest when Aiden English showed video footage which showcased Lana asking Aiden that she wants him. This may sound like an idea that 'The Rock' may return in this storyline, but there are multiple other ways, and in this article, I speculate the 3 ways Rock can return to the WWE:

#3 Elias takes a dig at The Rock (or Miami)

The Great Return
The Great Return

As stated during the starting segment of this article, I informed all that Elias had called out The Rock.


We all saw what happened when Elias took a dig at Seattle Baseball Team, and what if the same happens the next time he takes a dig at Miami, and 'The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment' comes out to shut the guitarist up.

We know that Elias is great at cutting promos, and so is The Rock. This confrontation would be worth the time.

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