3 wishes of WWE fans that will never come true

  • WWE fans have lots of wishes; we want the to come true, but some wishes will never be fulfilled.
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WWE Monday Night Raw In Las Vegas
WWE Monday Night Raw In Las Vegas

World Wrestling Entertainment undeniably has a global fan-base. These fans love the art, and wholeheartedly show their love for the performers, but they also never shy away from expressing their displeasure over the content. WWE creative has been brutally trolled and literally destroyed over social media platforms in recent times for the poor quality of WWE's flagship shows.

To be precise, pro-wrestling fans have a huge say in the business. In fact, the whole trade is dependent on the reaction that fans give to the product. WWE understands that they need to keep the fans happy to stay relevant.

However, WWE fans are not easy to please. Their mood swings can give people in the most unstable relationships a run for their money. Yet, the love for the sport keeps them praying for some wishes to come true. But wishes have to often remain unfulfilled. Such is life.

Here are 3 such fans' wishes that can never come true.

Honorable mention: Sting vs. Undertaker

'The icon' versus 'The Phenom' is a dream match that should have happened a long time ago. It had been the ultimate dream match for wrestling fans, but it couldn’t ever happen; and now, it will never happen. The time has already passed for this dream to become reality..

Although this dream match has lost the aura it once had, it deserves an honorable mention.

#3 CM Punk in WWE

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CM Punk makes it to the top of every 'former WWE stars we want to return' list.

However, 'the best in the world’ has shown no interest in a WWE return since walking away from the company in 2014.


Although, Punk has been dearly missed by wrestling fans, with his name still being chanted during wrestling events. But, Punk's separation from his former employer was one of the most controversial exits in recent times. It wasn't good for anyone involved. Moreover, Punk is happy with he has achieved in his wrestling career. He is happy where he is and all that he has earned.

The only hope for his return could have been in the fact that Punk’s UFC career hasn’t been a success. While that's true, but Punk still has things to do outside of the wrestling business. The man looks financially secure and even if he has to or ever wants to wrestle in the squared-circle again, he will find enough great deals and opportunities in companies not named World Wrestling Entertainment.

So, the writing on the wall says: CM Punk will never return to WWE again.

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Published 12 Jan 2019, 20:02 IST
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