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3 wishes of WWE fans that will never come true

Rahul Singh
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2.36K   //    12 Jan 2019, 20:02 IST

#2 John Cena turns heel

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John Cena is the most polarizing draw in the history of WWE. The man has incredible talent and unmatched work ethic. It was how he had worked his way to the top of WWE, where he stood as 'THE' man for well over a decade. He had been, and continues, to be a craze among children. However, the adults have spent an entire decade, if not more, pleading for the champ to turn heel.

But... news flash: John Cena will never turn heel.                                    

Long-time wrestling fans have seen Hogan turn. They have been witness to Steve Austin’s handshake with his ‘evil’ boss. Fans have even seen Daniel Bryan turn to the dark side, yet Cena has always been the good guy.

While a turn for the man would be huge, but Cena is a part-timer now, juggling between wrestling and movies. It is this truth that kills all possibilities of any more turns and gimmick changes for the legend anymore.

Moreover, he is a role model, and a ‘make-a-wish’ champ for too many young children to be shown in grey-light. He is one of the most believable heroes in the business. It makes sense for him to forever remain the superhero that children deserve.