3 WWE fan theories on who attacked LA Knight

Who attacked WWE Superstar LA Knight?
Who attacked WWE Superstar LA Knight?

On last week's edition of WWE SmackDown, a regretful Bray Wyatt apologized to LA Knight, whom he headbutted backstage two weeks ago. However, Knight was less receptive to Wyatt's apology as he slapped the former Universal Champion twice, leaving him visibly frustrated.

Knight then boldly claimed he wasn't afraid in a backstage interview. In a shocking twist of events, the former NXT star was later found unconscious, buried under a pile of rubble.

The surprise assault has sparked speculation online. Many fans have devised wild theories about the mystery assailant who attacked Knight.

#3 LA Knight staged the attack.

Clearly wasn’t attacked. We all know Knight staged this. :O #WWESmackDown…

Excluding the obvious hints and the brewing animosity of Bray Wyatt, there is no reason for anyone to attack LA Knight. The visionary behind the Maximum Male Models has dealt with all of his previous foes.

As one fan pointed out, WWE may be playing around with its fan base with this segment. According to this theory, there is no mystery assailant because Knight staged this. There is precedent for this notion because the company has flirted with such angles in the past.

Big Cass was eventually revealed to be the attacker of his partner Enzo Amore, who also staged an attack on himself to draw attention away from him. So it is possible that Knight wasn't attacked, and this is all a ruse.

However, as we'll see later, this theory has ignored some glaring hints that clearly point toward an assailant.

#2 Uncle Howdy strikes.

Uncle Howdy gets revenge on LA Knight for Bray Wyatt 🤯

A mysterious figure who has been closely associated with Bray Wyatt since his surprise return is Uncle Howdy. The sinister, Night-king-like entity claims to have been seen through the former Universal Champion, calling him a liar.

Many fans felt that Howdy was behind the heinous assault on Knight. They pointed to the mysterious masked figure looming in the dark background as the 40-year-old WWE Superstar was interviewed.

Further, Wyatt was also seen arguing with someone in the background during a backstage segment between Karrion Kross and The Usos. That someone could be Uncle Howdy, who sought revenge for his supposed "nephew."

#1. The WWE Universe believes that The Fiend may be behind the attack.

Am I the only one who noticed that the angle is the exact same? @CWrestlingUK @WrestlingDaze #WWE #Smackdown #BrayWyatt @WWEonFOX

After receiving two slaps, Bray Wyatt had a furious look on his face as he stared at LA Knight. When Wyatt is in a deep and dark place, he turns into a sinister and sadistic monster that knows no limits.

The Fiend is the former Universal Champion's critically-acclaimed alter-ego that has cast a dark, menacing shadow over the entire WWE Universe. The monster was last spotted at Extreme Rules but hasn't been seen or mentioned.

Wyatt's anger may have forced him to tap into his darker side, which may have prompted The Fiend to re-emerge and assault Knight.

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