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3 WWE firings that made careers and 2 that did not

Ishaan Sharma
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14 Mar 2019, 14:52 IST


WWE is no longer the only big promotion in this world. There are many other companies, proving to be successful. Even though they are not at WWE’s level, people are still watching their shows. Impact Wrestling, Ring Of Honor and NJPW are some wrestling promotions that are delivering what the fans want and under their wings, many Superstars have found a tremendous amount of success.

Bobby Lashley is a great example of a wrestler who failed in WWE but became a big deal in TNA (Impact Wrestling). WWE already has plenty of names signed and it is why some talented wrestlers unintentionally get wasted by them. I wouldn’t be wrong to say that WWE is a business where one can either make his/her career or break it.

While some wrestlers were lucky enough to get the taste of success, others, however, got frustrated and requested their release. What's good for these wrestlers is that now they have the opportunity to rebuild themselves and make their name. But at the same point, we have some popular wrestlers who are struggling since leaving Vince McMahon’s company.

Here are 3 WWE firings that made careers and 2 that seemingly destroyed. And as always, let me know what do you think about these Superstars in the comment section below.

#5 Firing that made a career: Cody Rhodes

Rhodes has now become the wrestler fans wanted him to be
Rhodes has now become the wrestler fans wanted him to be

Cody Rhodes is one of those wrestlers who went against the odds when he decided to find success outside of the WWE. He started working in this promotion in 2006 and continued doing it till 2016.

In those 10 years, Rhodes worked as a mid-card wrestler and then as a jobber. The creative team thought to rebuild him by using the Stardust gimmick but it almost destroyed Rhodes’ career.

However, after working some months as Stardust, Rhodes asked for his release. His decision shocked many people but Cody believed in himself. After leaving WWE, the former Intercontinental Champion worked in the Independent scene which abruptly changed his career. Then working with NJPW and ROH, Rhodes became the hottest free agent which proved that success without WWE is indeed possible.

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