3 WWE Superstars John Cena has never beaten and 3 he is undefeated against

John Cena and Roman Reigns
John Cena and Roman Reigns
Modified 29 Sep 2020
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People often talk about the Mount Rushmore of pro-wrestling and discuss who is worthy enough to bag a spot in this elite group. A legendary career consisting of 16 World title reigns, a few WrestleMania main events has made it easy for fans to include John Cena in that coveted list.

John Cena made his WWE main roster debut in 2002, and quickly became one of the most popular acts on SmackDown. He won his first world title at WrestleMania 21 by defeating JBL, and went on to have one of the greatest careers in WWE over the next several years. John Cena has faced them all, and has scored victories over some of the biggest Superstars of all time.

There have been a select few though, who can claim that they have never been beaten by John Cena. We will focus on those 3 Superstars on this list. We will also take a look at 3 Superstars John Cena is undefeated against.

Note: The list will only focus on singles competition. Thanks to ProFightDB for the data used in this article

#6 John Cena has never beaten Shinsuke Nakamura (0-1)

Shinsuke Nakamura has a major win against John Cena
Shinsuke Nakamura has a major win against John Cena

John Cena was on the verge of becoming a part-time star by the time Shinsuke Nakamura had started making waves on WWE SmackDown. For many, this was nothing short of a dream match, pitting one of the greatest Japanese wrestlers against one of the biggest names in the history of pro-wrestling.

The first time these two met in the ring was as partners, when they defeated Rusev and King Corbin in a tag team match. Around a month later, Nakamura defeated John Cena in a singles match on SmackDown, to a loud ovation from the fans.

In 2018, Nakamura won the Royal Rumble match that John Cena was a part of. His big singles win over Cena, followed by a victory in the free-for-all, signaled that he was in for a mega push on the blue brand.

Nakamura met AJ Styles for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 34, but failed to win the belt and turned heel following the match. He didn't win the belt despite numerous attempts, and was soon back in the mid-card.

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Published 29 Sep 2020
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