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3 WWE Superstars Vince McMahon almost fired and 3 wrestlers he almost hired

Ishaan Sharma
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Published 14 Jul 2019, 02:35 IST
14 Jul 2019, 02:35 IST

Let's find out about 3 WWE Superstars Vince McMahon almost fired and 3 he almost hired

WWE is the biggest wrestling promotion in the world, which means, they have to sign the best talents that could benefit the product. With NXT, they are doing a great job signing upcoming Superstars but this isn’t enough. The more wrestlers they hire, the more cluttered their roster becomes. And, it’s why WWE often clears up their roster by releasing talents that they think aren’t benefiting the product.

Over the years, Vince McMahon has fired multiple WWE talents and some of them have now become a major wrestling attraction. But sometimes, the Superstars he was going to fire, were saved by someone with high influence in WWE. Here are 3 WWE Superstars that were nearly fired from WWE and 3 that Vince McMahon almost signed.

#6 Almost fired: John Cena

John Cena almost got fired
John Cena almost got fired

John Cena is, probably, the most successful wrestler WWE ever had. He was the one that made the WWE's PG Era a thing and he also helped Vince McMahon make billions (other stars too deserve some credit though). He debuted on SmackDown against Kurt Angle and challenged him to a match, which he lost.

The next two months weren’t so bright for the 16-time WWE Champ as in that period, the WWE officials were considering to fire him because he didn’t live up to their expectations. But this didn’t happen because Stephanie McMahon was a fan of Cena’s work. Here’s what Dave Meltzer said about the situation:

“[John Cena] worked OVW for a while which is where he really learned his craft. He was called up too soon, which everyone knew, and there’s political reasons why that happened, and it nearly cost him his career. If it wasn’t for Stephanie McMahon taking a liking to him after they’d just about decided to let him go, he could’ve been gone.” (Credits for the quotes)
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