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3 WWE Superstars Vince McMahon may never turn face and 3 he may never turn heel

The Chairman of the Board may not change the way these characters are portrayed
The Chairman of the Board may not change the way these characters are portrayed
Abid Khan
Modified 29 Jul 2019, 22:56 IST
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Widely recognized as the greatest wrestling promoter ever, Vince McMahon's creative genius has calculatingly ascended WWE to unimaginable heights.

Regardless of the competition his billion-dollar company faced throughout the years, Vinnie Mac's style of presentation has assisted WWE to hold its own ground.

The most important thing has been the way he has presented legions of different characters. Whether it's a Superstar being portrayed as a larger-than-life superhero or a monster who does everything in his power to instil fear in the locker room, the WWE Universe have connected with his vision.

Since the fans have been so deeply connected with Vince's billion-dollar company ever since the Attitude Era, there are many who are still expecting a bit of realism and edginess on screens.

With alterations in characters being the only legitimate way to progress storylines, the company has faced backlash for not striking when the iron's hot.

Missed opportunities of turning a Superstar heel or babyface have been subject to harsh criticism. However, despite the fans' reproval, there are still many Superstars Vince McMahon may never turn heel or face again. Who are they? Let's find out.

#1 Baron Corbin may never turn face

Will he ever turn face?
Will he ever turn face?

One of the most obvious choice in this list, who may never work as a good guy is Baron Corbin. The former United States Champion has been effective as a heel and has gravitated nuclear heat for his antics on live television.


While his constant push in the main event scene did irk the fans, Vince McMahon still continues to book him as a typical old-school heel.

Having defeated Kurt Angle in his retirement match, the fans completely turned on Corbin and may never consider seeing him as a babyface.

Furthermore, his victory over Angle and insertion into the main event scene only suggests that Vince McMahon may never make changes to his disposition and continue to portray him as the bad guy.

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Published 29 Jul 2019, 22:56 IST
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