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4 Biggest Mistakes WWE Must Not Make at Super ShowDown 2019

Israel Lutete
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17.39K   //    29 May 2019, 10:45 IST

#2 The Undertaker losing to Goldberg

The Phenom must come out the victor
The Phenom must come out the victor

The Undertaker is surprisingly still competing, and at Super ShowDown, he will go against none other than the Legend Bill Goldberg. This match is perhaps excessively late because both these men are half a century old and the match hasn't been highly promoted by WWE compared to the other big matches held in Saudi Arabia. The two Superstars still haven't appeared on Raw (or SmackDown) to promote their match.

The Undertaker vs Triple H at WWE Super ShowDown in Australia was highly promoted by the company, and so was DX vs The Brothers of Destruction at Crown Jewel. WWE referred to this match as being "bigger than WrestleMania" but they haven't promoted it in the manner in which they should've. 

Both Goldberg and Taker lost their last matches in WWE but The Deadman is the man that should come out the victor in this match. Taker already lost twice: to Triple H at Super Show Down in Australia and to DX at Crown Jewel.

Thus, if he loses once more, it won't make things better for him. Undertaker has worked for WWE for nearly three decades, and WWE shouldn't feed him to Goldberg, who competed mostly in WCW and he hasn't contributed much to the company compared to The Phenom.