4 Current WWE Superstars that could make up the new Four Horsemen

  • Which members of the WWE roster could fill the shoes of the legendary Four Horsemen?
  • A few names make a lot of sense if a new faction of Four Horsemen was created.
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Modified 11 May 2020, 05:29 IST

Many members came and went throughout the group
Many members came and went throughout the group's history.

The Four Horsemen is arguably the greatest wrestling faction of all time. Any four-man group today is compared to the legendary faction but few live up to the all-time success and influence that the first group had on wrestling. I think they are the greatest of all time and the main group I remember is Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard and Barry Windham.

There were many other members from time to time, but Flair and Anderson always comprised any version of the group. The likes of Sid Vicious, Sting, Lex Luger, Mongo McMichael and even Brian Pillman claimed membership at various points.

The Undisputed Era is probably the closest thing to the Four Horsemen in WWE today. The leader, Adam Cole, is an arrogant technician and the top Superstar on his brand. The workhorse singles Superstar is Roddy Strong and the dynamic duo of Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish are renowned for their technical savvy.

WWE is incredibly stacked with its deepest roster ever. The need to recreate the legendary faction isn't a necessity, but it's always fun to think about which current stars would fit into classic factions. Here are my four choices for if the Four Horsemen rode again with a few others I considered on the last slide.

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Other possibilities

The Viper
The Viper

Most of these make sense but one or two may seem odd. But hear me out on those. Randy Orton has been a part of several stables in his career as Edge mentioned during their 'Mania feud. Orton has been a part of Evolution (another version of the Four Horsemen), Legacy, the Wyatt Family (briefly) and the Authority. He's as close to a made man already like Flair always was and would seem like a perfect fit. But his time as the top guy is in the past in my opinion, so I would give the chances to other stars.

Someone like Chad Gable has always proven that he's a great in-ring worker. When given some time on the mic prior to his Shorty G gimmick, he's also shown he can give a good promo. He's already teamed successfully with the likes of Jason Jordan and Roode, so Gable would fit into a current version as a tag team specialist. Blanchard and Anderson weren't huge guys but Gable has proven to be able to wrestle above his weight class.

Riddick Moss might seem like he's out of place for consideration here. The main reason I would at least give him a shot is that he's got a great look. The Chairman loves those who have the combination of size and looks that Moss possesses. He's also shown that he's explosive in the ring in both NXT and his brief run on RAW. Prior to RAW, he worked an arrogant guy gimmick alongside Tino Sabatelli before he got hurt. They wore expensive suits and drove flashy cars.


Sami Zayn would make sense to me for a few reasons. The first is that he's amazing on the mic. Most of what he says is believable because some of it is true. He's so good that he got his hometown to both cheer and boo for him in the same promo. Zayn could be a great mouthpiece and lead the group just as he does for the Artists' Collective. Factor in his great in-ring work and selling and it's a no-brainer that he'd at least be on the list for consideration.

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Published 11 May 2020, 05:29 IST
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